Ultimate ‘tumbleweed’ moments #21

A post-Patten PSNI officer has been pinned with of chanting pro-PIRA slogans at a staff party piss up, PA reports. The policeman is to appear before a disciplinary panel, and could face the possibility of severe penalties if found guilty. Paisley Minor is predictably perturbed.Alan Erwin wrote:

A detective from the Police Service of Northern Ireland’s Internal Investigation Branch has spent six months on the case.

He was appointed to probe complaints made after staff at a PSNI station held their annual Christmas party in a south Belfast hotel.

Off-duty officers had been drinking heavily when the remarks were allegedly made.

Sir Hugh, who was challenged on the affair at a Policing Board meeting, disclosed the developments in a letter to chairman Sir Desmond Rea.

He said: “The investigation has now concluded and the officer is to appear before a misconduct panel to answer alleged breaches of the Code of Ethics.”

It is understood the officer involved only joined the police service in the last two years.

He was among the first to be drafted in under plans to transform the overwhelmingly Protestant force.

But his career is now in the balance as he faces the possibility of tough disciplinary action.

(Remind me to unlock this thread’s comments when the case is over.)