NI Priest to stand trial in Kenya

Co. Fermanagh priest is to stand trial in Kenya for organising a lands right protest. He was put in prison but released on bail on Monday. Interesting to see what actions will be taken by the Catholic hierarchy to campaign on his behalf.

Last Updated: Monday, 15 August 2005, 21:58 GMT 22:58 UK

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NI priest to stand trial in Kenya

A priest from County Fermanagh is to stand trial in Kenya after he organised a land rights protest.

Fr Gabriel Dolan, who comes from Derrygonnelly, was arrested at the weekend in the rural town of Kitale after a demonstration.

He was put in prison but released on bail on Monday.

Fr Dolan is an outspoken critic of the Kenyan government’s land policies and has been involved in campaigning for the rights of the poor.

  • spartacus

    To be hung out to dry by Ratzinger, no doubt. An obvious troublemaker, and not fit for Benedict’s church.

  • spartacus

    Sorry, omitted the point that in this effort the Pope will no doubt enjoy the full support of friends of freedom everywhere, including the DUP, the Bush admin, and sundry homicidal maniacs the world over. War on terror and all that…

  • Jacko

    A brave man who deserves all the help and support he can get. Great to see that at least some clerics of whatever hue still have a notion of what they should be about. He has my admiration.

  • darthrumsfeld

    Oops Sparty, sorry to spoil your party, but as a DUP supporter I support this decent man in his courageous stand against an appallingly corrupt government.

  • Jo

    “campaigning for the rights of the poor”

    What? A priest standing up for poor people?

    Shame shame shame!!

  • chip

    Fr. Dolan has been active for many years in Kenya trying to help the poor and oppressed. He has endured appalling treatment in the past including physical assault. A very courageous and selfless individual.