Sampling opinion

Two polls have been published today, one in the Sunday Business Post, a telephone canvass of 1,000 voters in the south shows 45% of those responding would be happy to accept Sinn Féin in coalition government and a similar number are now more likely to vote for the party..

“What today’s figures show is that the party (SF) is eliminating the “transfer repellency’‘ outside the party’s core base of supporters. If this is carried into a general election – even on 10 per cent of the vote – it will return many more Sinn Féin TDs.”

The other, in the Sunday Independent, surveys reaction of 50 TDs on the call to give elected reps from the north a voice in the Dáil. The Sunday Independent finds, to it’s horror I’m sure, almost 50% in favour of some form of representation at this early stage.

“But almost half surveyed said they would be in favour of Northern MPs contributing to Oireachtas committees, and even possibly engaging in Seanad sessions.”