Slow summer blogging ahead…

Believe it or not, I’m heading off on holiday in a few days. I will continue to blog, but it will be very occasional. I’ll be back towards the end of the month to tune in for the new political season in Northern Ireland. In September we’ll have news of an exciting new online project, and we hope to have some serious sponsorship for Slugger by then too. In the meantime, if you’ve enjoyed Slugger and want to help keep us going – please, please put a few bob in the donation box on the left hand side. Or even better, drop me a cheque! Have a good summer all!

  • maca

    Have a good one Mick!

  • Dandyman

    Can’t believe I completely forgot to post this link last month. Saw a great feature on CH4 news about it, anyone else catch it anywhere?

    Priceless. Feckin’ priceless. MUST be made into a movie. In the right hands it could be the finest British cinematic production ever known.

    Sorry, dunno how to make the link ‘active’.,2763,1513531,00.html

  • Friendly Fire

    Enjoy your holiday.

  • D’Oracle

    As any new political season has just been cancelled you probably could risk staying away a bit longer?.