Engaging democracy over the table?

Silly season? Maybe. This new approach to getting people re-engaged with democracy came from reader Alan with a note reading, “obviously trying to link the chattering and the plate clattering classes”.

  • Keith M

    “The armed struggle got off to a slow start in the early 1970s…” Isn’t it amazing that a party which lives in the past seems to have completly wiped the border campaign of the 1950s and 60s and 1920s and 30s from its mind? It seems not to suit SF/IRA to remember that they have been monting almost continuous attacks on the people of Northern Ireland since the south left the UK.

  • Snapper

    Keith M,

    “since the south left the UK”

    You of course meant when Ireland kicked the english out?

  • Hmm…

    As everyone’s ignored this one, can I just pipe up and say that there are some really interesting ideas in the Beyond the Ballot report. My outright favourite is the Canadian case. Tired of bickering politicians? Create an assembly of oridinary citizens by lottery who must deliberate on a particular issue and are empowered to recommend a set of options which can be put to popular referendum. Party bickering may be impossible to eliminate in representative democracies, but devices like this may take the edge off it…

  • barnshee

    “You of course meant when Ireland kicked the english out?”
    some mistake surely
    you mean when england, quite rightly, recognised that a bunch of bog trotters were more trouble than they were worth?