There is one born every second*

[*Title stolen shamelessly from the excellent Harry’s Place] Part 1 of Technorati’s report on The State of the Blogosphere [Haven’t we banned the use of the term blogosphere? – Ed] is out.. According to their figures, a new blog appears every second and overall blog numbers are doubling every 5.5months.. In addition about 55% of all blogs are considered active [had a posting in the last 3 months] and 13% of all blogs update at least weekly.. importantly, IMO, according to the BBC report “What is clear is that the blogosphere [Ahem – Ed] is highly varied”There’s more to come from the report over the week.. and here’s the caveat, from Technorati’s Dave Sifry, with these stats –

Tomorrow I’ll give an update on posting volume, which is a better statistic to track the growth of blogging. Lots of people who start new blogs are kicking tires and thus the numbers displayed above could be indicative of a fad in progress – but watching the posting volume shows how many people are actually blogging on a day-by-day basis. I think that is a much better indicator that people are making blogging a habit and a part of their daily lives.