There is one born every second*

[*Title stolen shamelessly from the excellent Harry’s Place] Part 1 of Technorati’s report on The State of the Blogosphere [Haven’t we banned the use of the term blogosphere? – Ed] is out.. According to their figures, a new blog appears every second and overall blog numbers are doubling every 5.5months.. In addition about 55% of all blogs are considered active [had a posting in the last 3 months] and 13% of all blogs update at least weekly.. importantly, IMO, according to the BBC report “What is clear is that the blogosphere [Ahem – Ed] is highly varied”

There’s more to come from the report over the week.. and here’s the caveat, from Technorati’s Dave Sifry, with these stats –

Tomorrow I’ll give an update on posting volume, which is a better statistic to track the growth of blogging. Lots of people who start new blogs are kicking tires and thus the numbers displayed above could be indicative of a fad in progress – but watching the posting volume shows how many people are actually blogging on a day-by-day basis. I think that is a much better indicator that people are making blogging a habit and a part of their daily lives.

  • Sharon

    Shameless plug coming up … !

    I must confess to maintaining a ‘false blog’ …

    Our ‘main’ blog is as shown on this post , while I simply ‘copy and paste’ that days post to our ‘second/false/mirror’ blog , located at –

    Hold on … knock on the door … !!


  • Mrs Levee

    What benefits do you get from that Sharon?

  • peteb

    Shameless, Sharon… absolutely shameless 😉

  • fmk

    Does the rate at which Technorati track blogs really equate to the rate at which they are created? Technorati are certainly slow to pull dead blogs (and I’m talking about ones that are easily idendifable as dead, and can’t be put in the dead parrot category), how quick are they to add new blogs? And even if they have improved in the past six months, were they at the same level six months ago? Technorati are clearly not mapping the whole of the blogos… ooops, sorry, blog universe (come on guys, if you’re gonna ban the word, give us a useful descriptive for it … maybe you could raffle a slugger pen and pencil set for the best suggestion?) where was I? Oh, yeah, they clearly don’t have all blogs listed, so the results of their statistical analysis really is just limited to sites listed on Technorati, and not necessarily all sites.

  • Sharon

    “What benefits do you get from that Sharon?”

    – For some reason ‘GOOGLE’ seems to love ‘’ , which it ‘tracks’ closely , more than it does it’s own ‘blog’ site , ‘’ . I find it helps to ‘boost’ the readership .

    “Shameless, Sharon… absolutely shameless ;)”

    -I know : feel like I’m cheating ….. !