Swings and roundabouts

Congrats to Linfield on a major achivement last night. Manager David Jeffrey’s reaction was a treat – listening on Radio Ulster, it was joyous to hear real passion and pride in local football.
Contrasts nicely with the sour-faced moaning of Everton – having benefited from the stacking of the games resources that have hit Irish clubs badly in the past decade, they’re now concerned that UEFA might screw them by allowing them to play Liverpool… life’s tough.

  • Keith M

    Exactly how have Everton benefitted from “stacking of the games resources”. They are a modest club, which is not publicly quoted, or has a billionaire benefactor. Their success last year was a victory for the little guy, finishing ahead of clubs like Newcastle and Liverpool, who have far bigger resources. Moyles is right, you qualify for Europe with the aim of playing foreign teams not playing a team from (literally) down the road, who had to have the rules broken to be in the competition.

    Well done to Linfield, and also to Cork City who qualified in the UEFA cup last night.

  • iluvni

    Disappointing, but hardly surprising really, that BBC Newsline felt it more appropriate to spend time interviewing 3 terrorists on the Falls Road last night instead of reporting the good news story from Latvia.

  • Aaron

    Everton benefitted by getting into the Champions League at all – they finished fourth in their domestic league.

    I’ll grant you that they haven’t benefitted as much as some. And we all know that they missed out on the Euro Cup because of what their neighbours did in the 1980s.

  • valenciano

    Keith I suppose the point here would be that in the past all teams started in the first round and only the league champions and holders were allowed into the tournament. It’s ridiculous that a quarter of the English league is competing in the so-called Champions league!!!

    The system clearly discriminates against smaller countries whose league champions have to navigate several qualifying rounds while third placed teams from larger countries get a bye!

    Aaron, Liverpool shouldn’t have been in the champions league either.

  • Paul

    What a surprise.
    The draw has just been announced for the Champions League, guess what? Not only where the Liverpool and Everton kept apart, no British teams will face each other and the other big hitters in the draw have been given relatively easy ties. I think UEFA’s bank manager must have been pulling out the balls.

    Here’s the draw for the British teams:

    Celtic or Artmedia Bratislava(snigger!)v Partizan Belgrade or FC Sheriff
    Everton v Villarreal
    Liverpool or Kaunas v CSKA Sofia or Tirana
    Trabzonspor or Anorthosis Famagusta v Rangers
    Glazer FC v Hajduk Split or Debrecen

  • Keith M

    Valenciano “The system clearly discriminates against smaller countries whose league champions have to navigate several qualifying rounds while third placed teams from larger countries get a bye!”

    There are no “small countries” as such, everyone starts on an equal basis. As teams from countries gain good results, more teams from that league qualify and they advance to entering the competition at a later stage. It’s basd on “points per game”, so having more clubs doesn’t necessarilly gain you any advantage in the longterm.

    The relativly good results of Celtic and Rangers in recent years meant that they entered later in the CL, and Scotland now has two representatives.

    The reason that there are 5 English clubs is that English clubs (along with Italy and Spain) have achieved the best results in recent years. I agree that as they didn’t qualify by right, Liverpool should not be in the competition.

  • Valenciano

    Keith I know exactly how the co-efficient system works thank you.

    Teams don’t start on an equal basis – how can they if some teams start three rounds later than others?!

    This leads to a vicious circle. Teams from larger countries already have more resources ro buy players due to have more supporters in their catchment areas and more cash as a result of sponsorship and televising of their leagues.

    Smaller countries could try to catch up but they are hindered to start with by having to navigate several qualifying rounds before they reach the lucrative group stages. Their exclusion from that in turn results in them having less money to buy players and therefore to compete. If they had everyone start out at the same stage then at least the smaller teams would have the chance of a lucrative pay day to help them build up their finances.

    More to the point, why should where Linfield start in 2005 be determined on the basis of how Glentoran did in European competitions back in 1999? That’s plainly daft!

  • redpaul

    Linfield were second in their league.
    GLENTORAN are the Irish League Champions.
    That’s GLENTORAN. Not Linfield.

  • BeniMacLet

    Redpaul, your point is?

  • RedPaul

    Too subtle, eh?

  • stevie ‘wonder’

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