Sinn Fein special website…

Sinn Fein have upped their game online with this peace process special site. It has statements from them, the two governments and other players. We’ve no idea how long it will be up there, but we hope that whatever replaces it will keep some of the simplicity of this one.

  • spirit-level

    It is lovely to see SF going all respectable. Decorum will win friends and influence people.
    I’ve been waiting for this day all my life, because now for the first time there’s a chance to take the moral high ground with dignity, showing patience and understanding, not resentment.And unless the DUP play ball, they really are going to look like a rag-bag of disgruntled sour-pusses. Or as Terry Thomas would say: ” A complete shower”.
    Its clear to me that by laying down arms the IRA have won ( hearts and minds )

  • peteb

    Well, as I tried to point out yesterday that’s a particularly ill-chosen URL to publish the IRA statement on – “” – if they want to convince that is.

  • slug

    Sinn Fein still maintain and update their old website

  • simon

    The video is online as well. there is some kid crying in the backround.

  • Ringo

    I notice in the main photo that Bairbre isn’t conforming and looks a little startled. Is that old japester Martin Ferris after pinching her bottom? (You could do with an ass guard when the likes of Martin is around.) -Couldn’t resist it. *Coat on and heading out the door.*

    Its clear to me that by laying down arms the IRA have won

    Spirit, remind me again who lost?

  • spirit-level

    unionism ringo
    its counter-intuitive

  • Rod

    Have you guys noticed that the IRA have not actually laid down anthing as yet?
    Promises, promises??

  • Ringo


    counter-intuitive indeed.

    Republicanism might be one of many winners- as are the unionist people. The IRA, self-evidently are not.

  • Ringo


    I would say the opposite. This so-called momentous event is an anti-climax simply because the ‘war’ ended about 10 years ago. The criminality and the policing issues are where the real meat is, and while the latter is something the Republican politicians can deal with collectively – the former is going to be a right mess, because the genie is already long gone from the bottle.

  • spirit-level

    “All shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well”, to quote St.John of the Cross.
    But dost thou perceive a change of heart.?

  • JL Pagano

    This pudding has yet to be tasted before there is any proof.

    However, the onus is on the DUP to expand on their “months and years” response.

  • pete

    I tried tolook at the pages to join or donate to Sinn Fein but the links didnt work. Is it because i is prod or is it because they are loaded anyway and only want seriously vetted volunteers.

  • Levitas

    Sounds to me like an awful lot of thinking will have to be done by the unionists now, you see the IRA move has played so well with the worlds media, do any of the unionists actually ever listen to the BBC world service and its round up of international coverage especially in the all important USA? Its doubles and back slaps all round for Gerry and Martin, and theres even a little gleam of post-IRA nostalgia growing in the US media “rebels who fought the one of the most formidable armies in the world ” was a quote on a world service vox-pop from LA. If the unionists continue to throw their rattles from the pram they are shown up, or if they enter negotiations then its seen to be a loss of face from they’re “NEVER NEVER” stance..Either way mark my words I have it on good authority,that theres now going to be a LOT of pressure applied to the DUP by the Brits and the Yanks…many of the senior civil servants are quite relishing putting the thumbscrews on them politically (since they are so personally obnoxious,one thing the provo’s never lacked was a serious and consistent effort to be pally with the Brit civil servants, whereas the DUP were almost always noticeably rude-ask any of the Brit support team at Leeds Castle )…You see the USA and Britain WANT this sorted BIG TIME, and the egotists and bombasts of the DUP will soon melt when confronted by the sheer heat of the power of US/Brit “gloves off” tactics which will now ensue.
    Now, the provies are the good boys in the class, and according to my sources theres the little matter of some quite smelly canards concerning leading DUP’ers and other Unionist obstructionists which may well be used to apply pressure….the Brits and most importantly the USA have all the cards. and a very full file on Paisley’s confederates,at least two minor functionaries of the aforesaid are said to be in the pay of the Brits anyway.This dynamite, it is confidently expected is sufficient powerful to blow a whole in this apparent wall of resolute obduracy, it should take about 6 months for face saving purposes.