The Sun says "IRA to surrender"

For the most comprehensive coverage of today’s press warm-ups check out the indespensible Newshound. One of the most combative he’s found today is the Sun’s Surrender by the IRA, no doubt will warm some Unionist hearts and no doubt will be taken with a large dose of salts in the Republican heartland.

  • Aaron

    And yet the Irish people continue in their millions to buy the rag.. Bet this article isn’t in the Dublin edition.

  • circles

    That headline is about as im/premature and on the money as last weeks “1 down, 3 to go”.

  • Fanny

    “1 down 3 to go” did not refer to the innocent man shot dead, but to another man who was arrested – before anyone tries to suggest otherwise.

    The Sun is, of course, universally regarded among journalists as the best newspaper in the world – and all the more so when it winds up the likes of Aaron and Circles.

  • J Kelly

    The SUN in Britain headline reads Surrender and here it reads ITS OVER.

    This would tend to suggest, as usual, those in Ireland understand whats happening and those in England don’t.

    The Sun is, of course, universally regarded among journalists as the best newspaper in the world – Any evidence for this claim.

  • middle-class taig

    “1 down 3 to go”

    The single most disgusting thing I have ever seen in print. Period. Even worse than Gotcha.

    I content myself with the belief that there’s a special Sun-writer express conveyor belt to Hell.

  • circles

    I suppose thats a matter of taste – although I dare say you do exaggerate a little Fanny with the phrase “universally regarded among journalists as the best newspaper in the world”.

    In Germany for example (where indeed the 1 down 3 to go was reported as being directly linked to the execution) its widely regarded as the worst possible form of British journalism, obsessed with 1966, the 2nd World War, the Huns, sex, Posh and Becks and page three titillation.

    Now Fanny, if thats your idea of a newspaper, thats fine by me – but it can’t be expected to be taken seriously.

  • Fanny

    Nope, you’ve missed the point – the more it annoys the sort of people all journalists quietly detest, the more they like it.

    Also I note that despite just poitning out the fact that the “1 down 3 to go” headline had *nothing* to do with the murder of an innocent man, two people have immediately come on to muddy the waters. Desperate.

  • Fishfiss

    Well it seems to me that in one sense they already have surrendered. They surrendered their objective of bringing about British withdrawal by force, they surrendered their opposition to administering British rule in Ireland.

    They’ve already placed arams beyond use and more will follow.

  • DCB


    Your easily upset

    The Sun in recent years has actually toned down it’s more grass Kelven McKenze antics.

    Still prefer it to the Daily Mail – see in their Scotland edition they have George Galloway writing for them – good to see the Hitler loving spirit of appeasement still lives on

  • DCB


    The Germans just don’t have a sense of humour 🙂

  • circles

    Well is certainly does annoy all of Germany – so are you suggesting that all journalists detest Germans (or only Sun writers)?

    And the murder was an execution.

    Anyway, if it makes Sun readers happy to see SURRENDER as a headline, why not? I don’t think thats really of relevance given the import of what (we hope) will happen.

  • DCB

    The Sun has also been senstive to community relations on it’s coverage (unlike the Mail), they have given column inchs over to Muslims to condemn the attacks.

  • spirit-level

    Typically emotive of the Sun, lets not forget its the British Bulldog Rag. Its all gut, no brain.

  • Fanny

    Not a point Circles would have noticed DCB – and I’ve noticed that a knee-jerk condemnation of the Sun is one of the surest indicators of a stuck-up bore who loathes the common man.

    Incidentally, Circles, correcting murder to execution there was a really tragic thing to write. A murder is worse than an execution – the latter implies at least some sort of legal legitimacy. But that wasn’t your point was it? You just felt you had to go one better on the righteous indignation stakes so you blurted out the first word that came into your head.

    Does it confuse you when a unionist isn’t a monster? Like it confuses you when a Sun reader isn’t a monster? Poor lamb. Go have a wee lie down.

  • Fishfiss


    Play the man not the sheep.

  • Fanny

    Yeah yeah. It’s just that he’s such a drone.

  • Fishfiss

    Be fair, it is the publication of choice for the chav population. Even their racing coverage isn’t as good as it used to be.

    D’oh !

  • circles

    Sorry Fanny, I guess you must be a Sun reader/writer. Such a die-hard defence of your choice of press is admirable, but completely uninteresting.

    And your opinion that murder is worse than execution is just that – an opinion (albeit a frighteningly right of centre one). Its not an opinion I would share.

  • slackjaw

    A murder is worse than an execution – the latter implies at least some sort of legal legitimacy.

    Yes, given the choice between being murdered and being executed, I’d go for being executed every time. Especially if I was allowed a hearty breakfast.

  • beano;

    The Sun’s a sensationalist rag that I wouldn’t even wipe my backside with, even moreso than the Sunday Life (if that’s possible).

  • Mick

    Remember to play the ball! Links would be useful when you’re making accusations – ie re the 1 down 3 to go. There are dozens of other places on the net you can go for a rant.

    A little more industry guys, pleeeeze!!

  • michail d

    It’s interesting that for the Sun editors taunting the ‘enemy’ is a more important priority than helping foment a militarist split in the Republican movement. It is, I suspect, because they really do prefer violence to peace.

    For everyone in Ireland and beyond, I hope the IRA are disarming and I hope the nationalist community is with them wholly. Thanks to the ‘Sun’ for your help!

  • Mickhall

    I doubt fanny actually buys the Sun, I just love her opinion of us workers as ‘the common man’ (no women about the place then girl?)

    Believe it or not we common people read all sorts of newspapers, true some of us read the Sun, although thankfully few seem to read the daily mail. We leave that paper for those who are less common than ourselves. If any one feels the Sun has served any useful purpose down the years bar lowering the quality of the Red Tops, then it would amaze me and I what be interested in their opinion. It should be blacked [blacked not banned] alone for its treatment of the Liverpool football fans, many of whom lost their lives, let alone the other countless low life editions it has produced.

    Mr Murdoch is doing his dirty work in the USA now with his wretched Fox News TV channel, the man is a positive menace to humanity. still I suppose even he is worth the price we pay to live in a democracy [of sorts]

    Regards to all

  • middle-class taig


    “the “1 down 3 to go” headline had *nothing* to do with the murder of an innocent man”




    everything’s hunky dory then


    Easily upset, don’t think so. Maybe.

    The sun is beneath contempt, and unworthy of the time I’ve spent typing this.

  • Nathan

    Do the maniacals of the Sun newspaper honestly expect our bullshit detectors to fall for this latest load of written manure i.e) that the IRA is going to fade away whilst the border remains in place.

    What a bag of shite if ever I read one, cos the IRA banner is not the property of Gerry Adams or Martin McGuinness alone, and we’d all do well to remember that. After all, the only thing that Gerry Adams and McGuinness can do is ultimately deliver the head of the Provisional IRA on a plate to the British and Irish establishment – they cannot do the same with every IRA because they only have a so-called special relationship with an IRA, the PIRA.

    So, the Irish and British establishment would still have the various non-conformist strands to contend with the day after. Or even worse, a new IRA could emerge in their faces – yet another outfit claiming that they inherit the one true faith, the Last Republicans that they’ll no doubt make themselves out to be.

    Regardless of whether an additional IRA outlet comes into existence or not, one thing is for sure – there will be no shortage of people who will want to enjoy a good auld sing-a-long if and when the provies ‘surrender’ – with a chorus containing the words we’d all prefer not to hear i.e.) The IRA is Dead, Long Live the IRA

    Now, there wouldn’t much appetite for the leftovers short term. After all, they would be an unpopular species, with no political programme to offer beyond repetition of core beliefs, but on they would go regardless, until the day comes when they are irreversibly within centimeters distance of a sovereign and independent Ireland. This is something we must come to grips with, right here right now because thats the reality of holy grail republicanism for you – the never ending monarchy that it is.

  • George

    The most important thing about this article is that it means even the Sun, probably the most sceptical of British media organs when it comes to the IRA, believes the “war” is now well and truly over.

    As for the headline, today’s news, tomorrow’s chippaper.

  • Fraggle

    Nathan, what’s your point?

  • Bakunin

    Even crazed right-wingers are correct some of the time.

    The IRA has surrendered, what’s the problem?

  • martin

    I share Jasper Carrots views on the Sun and Sun readers–and no the IRA hasnt and wont surrender—they defeated the Brits who have all along lied to their public about the number of their casualties—an interesting bit of research would be how many British soldiers died in “training/car accidents” during the troubles.

  • Moderate Unionist

    Go Fanny!

  • Comrade Stalin

    Sounds like you’ve done the research already there, Martin. Care to let us know what you found ?