Great expectations..?

THE IRA statement could be on the An Phoblacht presses already. The choreography has already started with the release of Sean Kelly, helping smooth the way for the immiment transition to the Adams’ “alternative”. Events are fairly predictable. It will not be enough for the DUP – they can afford to wait and see if actions meet words (but what level will they set the bar? For how long?) Ahern and Adams will back it as the “key to unlocking the process”, and a few military bases will be torn down. For most republicans it will be “historic”, again – but this time as potential partners in government, north and south.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, some loyalists will still be killing each other and others will be scratching their heads wondering what their purpose is now.

The role of the Ulster Unionists and SDLP in all this might be little more than bit parts. Empey is reduced to complaining that the UUP can’t hold the process to ransom any longer, while if Eddie McGrady represents the SDLP position, it doesn’t appear much different from unionism’s cynicism.

  • middle-class taig

    If the SDLP screws this up by down-playing the statement for party political reasons, they are politically dead.

    If McDowell screws this up by down-playing the statement for reasons of party politics, personal animus or limelight seeking, he should be sacked for conduct unbecoming a minister and acting in a manner contrary to the interests of the Irish nation.

    Whatever it is, it will be the “key to unlocking the process”. What other keys are there?

  • Napper

    Here in the U.S. the jury is still out on this plan. The Irish American community(at least those who pay attention to it and matter)have an end game in sight and that is reunification. That is their bottom line and they will accept nothing short of that.

    If they feel Gerry Adams has fumbled the ball on this final goal, they’ll drop him like a hot coal.

    Mind now, I said they will desert Adams; not the cause. That is sacred here and has been for ninety years.

  • levee

    The only thing this will unlock – provided the IRA give a satisfactory statement and abide by it – is a strengthened focus on Loyalist terrorists.

    Unionist politicians are already preparing to denounce this. Yes, it is predictable and sad, but not altogether unreasonable. There must be a careful waiting period to see if the reality matches the statement given.

    What is more important is that senior Unionists are starting to condemn the Loyalist gangs and are calling for them to disband. Still wondering what all the out of work ‘volunteers’ will do….