DUP: consequences will follow Kelly release

Jeffrey Donaldson told Morning Ireland, that there would be consequences to what he termed the ‘political expendiency’ of the release of the Shankill bomber, Sean Kelly. Another six months on the quarantine period?

  • circles

    Nice to see old Daniel…. sorry Jeffrey, getting his retaliation in first, just in case the ‘RA do deliver today.

  • Thomas

    Heard Jeffery on Radio Ulster trying to distinguish between the murderer of the solicitor Pat Finucane and that of Sean Kelly. Found it quite astonishing that on one hand he dismissed Sir Reg Empey’s point that the DUP are now akin to the political eunuch when it comes playing real politicks rather than their old task of loyalist spectator. But in the next he rebuked his government for not allowing the UDA killer out.

  • thomas

    I forgot to mention he also blamed the UUP for allowing Sean to go free …. Go figure! And there i thought the DUP were going to stop this and that. Seems the DUP have been castrated.

  • slackjaw

    ‘consequences will follow’

    Do they ever do anything else?

  • middle-class taig

    no longer the boy in the big picture, wee Jeffrey’s losing it big time – he was awful

  • Darrell Monteith

    Jeffry Donaldson has got this absolutely right. There is a crass hypocracy on the part of Peter Hain and Blair in that that police are busy in London rounding up mass murderers and they are busy letting them out in Belfast.

    Shameful double dealing if ever I saw it.

  • Jo

    The DUP promised this and promised that – seems clear from this sort of thing who holds real power here. A nice position for Reg to be in, really.
    Expect some dog in the manger rhetoric from Dodds et al – and appropriate, but impotent, yelping.

  • thomas

    Darrell contrary to the moral point that he was trying to justify the fact is the DUP has failed to stop the government from releasing the guy. Remember the: “NEVER, NEVER, NEVER!” and the “WE WILL SMASH SINN FEIN” etc from the DUPs’ leader. They are failures. Unionists are voting for a romantic notion and lie.

  • Oilbbear Chromaill

    The unionist blindspot with ‘hypocrisy’ is such that they can’t even spell the word, not to mind understand they are the world leaders in its practice. (see Darrel Monteith’s post above)

    The problem with Sean Kelly’s release is that he was re-imprisoned in the first place. Nobody is arguing that he shouldn’t have been imprisoned upon conviction for the Shankill Road bombing in which ten people were slain. There could be arguments about the legitimacy of the court etc.
    Upon his release under the terms of the Good Friday Agreement, a deal in which a great many more prisoners, loyalists also Darrel, some of whom carried out heinous acts, were set free on licence, he was entitled to assume that he wouldn’t be imprisoned again unless there was EVIDENCE he had breached the terms of his licence.

    His ‘temporary release pending the Sentence Review Board hearing’ is as unprecedented as his baseless reimprisonment was grotesque, bizarre and unbelievable.

    It underlines that his re-imprisonment was nothing less than a politically motivated abduction and his detention amounted to kidnapping.

    Sure Jeffrey believes his release now is politically motivated – but the whole Hain episode was thus. So what does he expect? He’s really lost the plot it seems and no tearful renditions will restore his credibility.

  • Occasional commenter

    Unionists should never enter Government with IRA/Sinn Fein again.

  • thomas

    How about with Sinn Fein, Occasional commenter?

    And why should Nationalism trust the DUP when they have turned a blind eye to the red beret of Ulster Resistance etc in the past and Ian Paisley’s raving of shot gun licenses etc???

  • DerryTerry

    Did i see in a previous post a reference to a DUP officer in North Antrim having been released under the GFA? Thought i did but wouldn’t want to talk about pots, kettles etc unless this where true.

  • Thomas

    May have done DerryTerry for the News of the World reported several weeks ago about some DUP branch electing such an officer.
    I wonder why the DUP suspended Paul Berry?

  • T.Ruth

    The hypocrisy of Tony Blair knows no end.
    Kelly is not a minor terrorist. His terrorist activity resulted in the death of many innocent people and the destruction of the happiness of many families.
    He is a bomber.He is opposed to the existence of the state.His rearrest and release as part of a shoddy secret deal between the Blair government and a terrorist organisation merely confirms for all of us that integrity like nostalgia is a thing of the past. Murder is murder-terrorism is terrorism. When we start seeking to excuse violence and capitulate to the violent people in our society we are on the road to destruction of democracy.

  • thomas

    The DUP is running out of oil for their PR machine. Answer the question: Is the DUP prepared to power-share with Sinn Fein?

    Did your government listen to the DUP … NO! Why, because you are viewed as bigots in GB.

  • Fishfiss

    T Ruth

    At what points in its history has NI had substantial democracy to destroy ?

  • levee

    T.ruth: Hypocrisy defines Northern Irish politics. The biggest problem I have with the GFA is that criminals and murderers were allowed to walk free.

    Stuff romanticised ideas of volunteers and armed struggles – killing is wrong and murderers should be treated accordingly!

  • Yokel

    Why were any of them let out anyway? You shoot or bomb someone..you go to prison. And no one give me that freedom fighter or protecting thir community nonsense, I don’t want killers round my street. Its fun explaining to the kids that fat Joe with the tattoos 3 dooors down looks normal (or as normal as people look in these parts) but actually he had a sideline in making bombs or shooting. Anyone truly want to have that on their street beside their kids? Any replies, don’t bother trying to muddy the waters, its a yes or no question. People seem very good at black and white on this pathetic backward little island north & south so don’t change now.

    Anyway, can anyone tell if the DUP have a case for anything when they so useless at actually stating their case?

  • Fishfiss


    Without prisoner release there would have been no GFA or agreement of any description, what is your alternative ?

  • T.Ruth

    We had fifty years of democratic rule prior to the proroguing of the Stormont Parliament when there was a legislative assembly which ran on entirely democratic lines with equal representation for all adult members of the community on the basis of one man one vote.
    You would call that the period of Unionist mis-rule using the propaganda of those parties representing the “most oppressed people in Europe.”
    Stormont did remarkably well considering it had to operate against the background of a section of the community doing all in its power to obstruct progress.The IRA has never had the confidence to use democratic means to promote its case and its facist ,sectarian,campaign of terror is happily coming to an end with the realisation that they have no part in a democratic future for Northern Ireland.

  • middle-class taig



    I’d like my kids to understand the society they will grow up in.


    “We had fifty years of democratic rule prior to the proroguing of the Stormont Parliament”

    spectacular revisionism.

    “Stormont did remarkably well”

    Yes, It managed for 50 years to keep the croppies down.

    “The IRA has never had the confidence to use democratic means to promote its case and its … campaign … is happily coming to an end with the realisation that they have no part in a democratic future for Northern Ireland.”

    Oh dear. Denial. I wonder how many commentators will share your view.

  • circles

    So how long til the DUP are all back in Stormont working on the next wave of cross border bodies?

    Don’t want to scare you T. but the 1950’s aren’t coming back.

  • Yokel

    Middle claas taig.. how many UVF/IRA/UDA/INLA/CIRA/RIRA/PAF/RHC/CRF/LVF (just who was sending those bullets through the post, anyone?) men have you living nearby?

    If you do, are you telling me you’d be happy for your kids to be talking to them in any particular day of the week? Would you be happy that they lived next door to you? That they or their friends could be dealing in drugs or syphoning off protection money from the delears, that many don;t have a job yet have a bigger car than you?

    If you don’t have any in your street, then I suppose you are not in a position to answer because its not real ad in front of you.

  • DCB


    Very valid points.


    It wasn’t quite one man one vote, for some elections was it not one property owner one vote.

    Wasn’t there also just a little bit of religious discrimination. I loved reading some of the old ulster unionist debates, when the hardliners denied that there was any discrimination in one breath and in the next said that anyone would be justified in not giving a job to a potentially disloyal roman catholic.

    Unlike, perhaps, MCT I don’t think that anything that happened under Storemont could ever have justified the IRA’s 30 years of futility. But it’s just as short sighted to imagine that the Unionist community was 100% whiter than white.

  • George

    for 50 years you had dictatorship of the majority, not democracy. Don’t confuse the two.

    Democracy endeavours to represent all the people, a dictatorship of the majority imposes the will of the the largest group over the others.

    In 50 years of one-party unionist rule in NI, there was one opposition motion passed on the welfare of wild birds.

    At least we now know what you understand of democracy. You would have gone down a treat with the SED in East Germany.

  • T.Ruth

    All Stormomt and Westminster elections were always on the basis of one person one votesince partition.
    Local council elections as in many other countries operated on the basis of a rate paying franchise which tended to discriminate equally against those who did not own property. The Roman Catholic community did not have a monoply on poverty or exclusion although the propaganda machine of Republican elements created this impression.
    I do not think we have ever made a great job of governing Northern ireland and we are collectively responsible for that. Nothing however could have justified the death and destruction of lives,businesses,homes and communities that resulted from the IRA campaign.The time is here for a new beginning-we should concentrate on that -especially on the way in which the confidence of the Unionist people can be considered. Asking people to share power with murderers and bombers and directors of terror does require them to have some degree of consideration..

  • bertie


    I’m with ou all the way. Keep posting.

    The important thing about democracy is not majorities imposing their will on minorities but to stop minorities imposing their will on majorities.

    For example if a group of 10 friends go to a Pizza place (careful not to advertise just in case) and 9 want spicy beef but Fred wants ham and pinapple. Why can’t Fred have H&P, democracy is irrelevant for him to have SB because that is the majority wish would be majority dictatorship, because Fred having H&P does not impose H&P on the majority.

    If, however, by the time they ordered it was getting so near last food orders that the group had to decide on one type because the kitchen staff wanted to start clearing ingredients away, then the majority would have a right to decide that it had to be SB. Fred would have no right to impose his will on the majority.