Adams continues the hype

The Press Association have Gerry Adams’ statement in advance of a 4pm press conference – already attempting to shift the focus onto others – meanwhile RTE report that Taoiseach Bertie Ahern is “broadly happy” with the Provisional Movement’s statement.. We continue to wait.

  • Ginfizz

    This will be another damp squib.

  • The Dog

    You have to keep asing why unionists like Ginnfizz are so determined that they do not want to see progress.

    The real damp squib in all of this has been the response of unionism to the violence that they are responsible for from within their own community.

    Violence that has been stimiulated, feed and watered, given political cover and directed both lossely and more poitedly through specific targeting

  • Ginfizz

    The Dog

    Unionists want to move forward, but not with terrorists.

  • Denny Boy


    How’s Discovery faring out there in space?

  • joe

    Already we are seeing negative remarks from within the ranks of unionism prior to the release of this statement and I think that this illustrates the difficulties they will face post statement. James Molyneaux once said the 1994 IRA ceasefire was the most destabilising act of 30 years of conflict and its clear that unionists actually need the IRA to fall back on to justify their lack of participation with their political rivals. This statement will be paraded in some circles ,such as that quality newspaper the Sun as surrender, but it’s important to note that it comes at a time when Sinn Féin as a political party have never been stronger. If the IRA release the statement that many of us expect then its over to the Brits, DUP, Dublin. . .

  • spirit-level

    Tell us who you want to move forward with Ginfizz?

  • The Dog


    But their inextricable link with unionist terrorists make this statement look a bit darft.

    At least republicans have a recognition of this positionwithin unionism. When will unionists begin to take responsibility for their role in the cobnflict and for their violence.

  • JD

    It is becoming clearer that unionists are not sure what they want.

    You say you want to move forward, but it can only be on your own terms.

    You say you want locally elected politicians in charge but only your own, not those that nationalists/republicans elect.

    You say you want paramilitaries to go away but seem content that the unionist paramilitaries simply settle their ‘dispute’ amicably.

    It is about time unionists woke up to the realities of conflict resolution and peace building.

  • Ginfizz


    Unionist terms for forming an executive are very clear. Until those terms are met, we will not be proceeding. When they are, Sinn Fein can join the rest of us in the democratic world in running Northern Ireland. It’s as simple as that. What problem do you have with demanding that the Provos put away violence and the threat of violence?

    The Dog

    Unionists will not take responsibility for the actions of the drug-dealing gangsters of the UVF/UDA/whatever other group. Unionists have consistently condemned murders perpetrated by these groups and called for them to disband. Personally, I would support the arrest and re-incarceration of every prisoner released until all the guns are handed in and the organisations are disbanded.

  • Ginfizz

    One final point. Unionists believe in upholding and respecting the rule of law and the role of the police. To describe these groups as “unionist paramilitaries” is offensive to me as a Unionist.

  • spirit-level

    No problem with the end of provo violence and threats.. now what do you think of JD’s 12:09 post?

  • Ginfizz

    I feel I have addressed his points sufficiently.

    Lock all of them up until their organisations completely decommission and go out of business.

  • spirit-level

    Ginfizz that was tried 10/20 yrs ago,it failed. Come on old chap keep up with the times.

  • levee

    Look, let’s all try to be optimistic about this. We’ll not get far speculating on when this statement will fall down.

    Although I have my own reservations, we should all take this as a positive step, but wait for the situation to prove itself.

    Sure, the Unionist community will be sceptical (especially in light of the Sean Kelly news), but they could spend this time urging Loyalist paramilitaries to take a similar route.

  • Macswiney

    Ginfizz I just hope those same Unionists who “believe in upholding and respecting the rule of law and the police” will live up to their name if the parade in Ballymena gets the go-ahead. I wouldnt bet on it though. I also take it this law-abiding group have nothing to do with the mass attacks on Catholic Churches, private property, intimidation of citizens in Garnerville, Loughview and North Belfast. Nor would these decent citizens be responsible for any of the recent bomb attacks, murders and attempted murders all of which (remarkably) seem to have been perpetrated by Unionist paramiltary groups and their ‘associates’. I suggest you book your summer holiday in the ‘real world’ Ginfizz…