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MICK has pointed out the danger of inadvertantly becoming an internet figure of fun (remember the Star Wars Kid too?) – but maybe you already are! Overheard In Dublin is best read in a broad Dublin accent.

Three recent posts:

Customer Service from Dublin Bus!

A few years back I was getting on the 19A bus in town and heading home with my mother. The number on front of the bus said 19A but the number on the side of the bus said 13A. My mam was somewhat perplexed and said to the driver ‘Is this bus a 19A or a 13A’, to which the driver replied ‘Can ya not read luv, it says 19A on the front doesn’t it?’, to which my mother replied ‘Yes it does, but it also says 13A on the side and I didn’t want to get on the wrong bus’, cue the smart arse bus driver who then said ‘It also says Pat The Baker on the side of the bus but I’m not a bleedin bakery am I?’!!

Overheard – Bus stop on O’Connell Street by Nuala

Live and let die

Myself and my cousin in the Savoy watching “Michael Collins” when it came out back in the day. The film makes its way to the emotional finale that is Collins death in the ambush at Beal na mblath. Collins get shot, the end credits roll, the lights come up. Unlike after most films where there’s loads of chatter afterwards, There is an air of hushed reverance as people get up to leave. More than a few punters are teary eyed. My cousin turns to me and proclaims loudly in a jocular voice that “It served the free state bastard right”. For a minute, it looked like we were about to become the last casualties in the Civil war

Overheard – Savoy by jams o’donnell

And Just Like That….She Was Gone

Was on the DART this morning when a “lady” gets on at Tara St. Loud enough for the whole carrige to hear she says “Hallo?! Hallo, can ye heer me? Yea, ye should be a’righ’ once ye don’t press charges, Da. A’righ’? Bye.”
This raised a few smiles and a few eyebrows from most of the carrige. Then, just before coming into Bray the same voice pipes up again: “A’righ’ wassa storee? De house was raided dis mornin’ Yea, dis mornin’ – for fraud. Dere lookin’ everywhere for me. If I get caugh’ I’ll get 3 year fori’, y’know? Cuz I’m already on a year and a half’s probabtion. If ye try to ring me and me phone’s off I’ll be in Bray Garda station.”

The perfect crime, really. I suppose she’d be a bit like a cross between The Jackal and Kaiser Soze.

Overheard – The Dart by Al

5 thoughts on “Overheard In Dubliln…”

  1. “When one lad walked up and said I’m gonna write “JOINT” on the window as they were fogged up! In true scanger style he wrote “Giant” Nice to know that being HIGH didn’t effect his ability to spell!” (my emphasis)

    I can’t work out if that was intentional or not!

  2. This is probably the funniest website in Ireland at the moment. Endless original humour provided. Very useful in the office.

  3. This is probably the funniest website in Ireland at the moment. Endless original humour provided. Very useful in the office.

  4. An Irish railway station had 3 clocks, but they weren’t showing the same time. They were all different by a few minutes from each other. A confused traveller asked the ticket seller why this problem hadn’t been resolved and was told “What’d be the point of having 3 clocks if they all showed the same time?”

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