Republican parade covers ‘failed’ initiative?

Ian Paisley Junior has suggested that the organisation of a Republican parade to mark the 34th anniversary of the introduction of internment on 9th August in Ballymena is a cover for what he calls Gerry Adams’ ‘failed initiative’. Does he know something we don’t? In any case, he accuses Republicans of deliberately raising tensions in the town.

Over the past year, republicans have deliberately increased tensions and now we have a real concern that such a parade will lead to open violence on the streets of our normally peaceful town. The Protestant community would be deeply hurt and offended by such a parade, and through its elected representatives is demanding that it be banned. If republicans attempt to provoke this tension it could end in calamity for someone who will be made a victim of a criminal attack. We are concerned that such a situation be avoided and are appealing for wise heads and steady nerves to prevail.