Who is applying to be Commissioners…

It seems that Sylvia Hermon some interesting answers to a recent question (scroll down) in the House of Commons, regarding the affliation of people applying to become members of the Human Rights Commission. Interestingly, Labour and the Alliance Party come top of all original applicants with any party affliations: eight each. The SDLP scored 6, the UUP 4 and the DUP 3 applicants. Strangely, Sinn Fein had none. Even the Lib Dems (who don’t organise in NI) had 2. Thanks to Alan for the heads up.

  • beano

    Interesting the Women’s Coalition got 3/3 shortlisted. Does it not disturb anyone that the most outwardly discriminatory party in Northern Ireland is one of only 3 with a 100% record of candidates making it to shortlist?

    This coupled with the 8 labour candidates shortlisted will likely ensure any Human Rights commission, rather than dealing with fundamental rights, will be so wishy-washy and all-encompassing that it will have no respect from anyone and be wide open to abuse.

  • fair_deal


    Careful now your complaints are obviously motivated by a deep-rooted and never-ending well of sectarianism.

  • The Beach Tree


    Surely more likey a never-ending well of misogyny and illiberalism in these cases 😉

    Notable too that SF are the only main party completely unrepreented…

  • brendan, belfast

    i can almost see Newton Emmerson sharpening his pen for the Irish News. Can’t wait!

  • Newton Emerson

    I’d be happy to oblige Brendan – but I’m afraid that this isn’t going to be much of a surprise to anybody. Plus you can’t blame a girl for trying. I’m more surprised that Sinn Fein didn’t put candidates forward. Anyone got any idea why? Catriona Ruane would have been just as credible an applicant as Monica McWilliams and I mean that only as an insult to Monica McWilliams. Also, is this only the post of chief commissioner we’re talking about here (as the transcript infers) or are these applications for all posts on the commission? It seems like an awful lot of multiple applicants from every party for a single position.
    If two of Monica’s WC colleagues applied for a job that had clearly been lined up for her from the middle of last year then, well, so much for the sisterhood…

  • Newton Emerson

    – and yes, I realise that Catriona didn’t apply because she was due to be MP for South Down. But you know what I mean.

    In fact isn’t it strange that Sinn Fein never pushes for any of the plum quango postings that Buggins Turn alone surely entitles it to? It’s all strangely reminiscent of Gerry’s “I’m too busy to take a ministry” thing when d’Hondt was first run. Is this high principle or low strategy? Are they selflessly sparing us all the fuss or cynically sparing themselves the responsibility?