Is it a coach? Is it a tram..?

A FUTURISTIC coach built in Ballymena has been turning heads in Wales this week, as the latest Wright bus hits the streets.

  • crat

    A. Bus

    Hint: Trams use tracks. This bus just has funny panels.

  • maca

    It’s a trus …

  • fair_deal

    Good to see a local company continuing to succeed, especially in the manufacturing secot than takes such a pounding these days.

    They dropped the tramway idea for the Belfast corridors and said they were going to use bus-based technology on the corridors instead.

    Does anyone know if this is what they had in mind? Or is citybus just going to repaint some buses an even worse shade of pink?

  • braid

    at least it keeps the workers busy, less time for them to drive round Ballymena taking down tricolours.

  • aquifer

    I think this is indeed what they had in mind for the old comber railway corridor or greenway. Its looks like a brilliant idea.

    Light rail and trams are not light at all if they hit you on the road.

    Wrights deserve to do very well with it. They also tried a fuel cell bus a couple of years ago but felt the technology was not ready yet. This thing should be able to be built using fairly normal busbuilding techniques.

  • Comrade Stalin

    Tram systems are generally more successful than buses; they’re easier to run, more reliable, and more attractive for people to use.

  • Dessertspoon

    Not sure about the colour but much better than the pinkies we have in Belfast.

  • Alan

    I remember mentioning the Comber link to a resident’s group at Walkway in East Belfast and there were ructions.

    If there were some way to make the parkland and the transit option work together ( including being safe for local children) then the idea is a good one.

  • fmk

    we alredy have those articulated buses on the streets of dublin. admitedly the external design is not as fancy, but internally they’re the same

  • Colin McLeod

    Its just a bus. Light rail is still the way to go for Belfast if the planners will ever admit it. Luas in Dublin is successful and the tram is returning to many cities in Britain.

  • rot

    Can the workers keep themselves from protesting against the Republican march in Ballymena next weekend

    On past experience, the workers of the firm mentioned above, will have difficulties in keeping themselves at work while Republicans try to march in THEIR town