Communial violence to delay announcement

If forced to make an uninformed guess as to when we can expect the IRA’s response to Gerry Adams’ call to abandon military means it would probably be after the 12th August and before the Black Preceptory walk at the end of the month. It is rumoured that the consultations within the IRA have been completed. Tensions in north Belfast make it unlikely that the IRA will cramp their potential to act through a complete stand down when there are so many ‘free radicals’ on the loose. On the other hand Waiting until September eats into valuable time in the political business year and will only delay the resumption of politics as (ab)normal.

  • irishman

    An IRA statement at present would only distract attention from the unionist paramilitaries, who have been the most active in recent years and who- to date- have remained unaccountable.

    Personally, I believe the IRA should make any statement conditional upon unionist politicians taking responsibility for compelling what Senior Belfast Orange Order figure, Bro. McMurdie, claimed were the paramilitaries on “OUR SIDE” to publicly match the IRA on decommissioning and ending violence. (BBC Interview, July 11)

    This should extend to the institutions being suspended when unionist paramilitaries engage in sectarian attacks on catholics, particularly when prompted by unionist politicians- as will undoubtedly happen in Ballymena now that Paisley Jnr has threatened violence against a republican parade in the nationalist district of the town.

    Only when unionist paramilitaries are brought into the process- in the sense that their activity is accountable to political unionism and is seen to have a price- will we really be moving to the next level here.

    Until then, political unionism will continue to manipulate ‘their’ paramilitaries for political ends and republicans will be compelled by the weight of nationalist sentiment to maintain its military cohesion as a defensive bulwark.