Equality Commission has new Chief

The announcement of the new Chief Commissioner of the Equality Commission for Northern Ireland has been welcomed criticised by both the DUP and the UUP. The new Chief Commissioner, Bob Collins [a former director general of RTE], who joins the other commissioners, has responded – “Do not make any assumptions about me on the basis of where I come from.”.. Bob, the problem isn’t where you come from.. it’s where they come from that’s the problem. Here endeth the lesson. Update Mick has more responses and comments here

  • irishman

    From the Free State???
    Must be a taig ergo let’s condemn him.

    Glad to see unionist leaders remain as predictable as ever.

  • middle-class taig

    “Do not make any assumptions about me on the basis of where I come from.”

    Oh dear. Is this a sign that that here we have a Southerner who is so afraid of being painted green that he’ll spend his time in the Equality Commission dealing wih all inequalities OTHER than the BIG inequality here?

    We can really do without another shinner-hating public figure, even if he only pretends to hate the shinners to please the Unionists.

    Equality has to mean Equality. For all. Full stop. Please reassure us Bob. You have about a fortnight 🙂

    And here was I hoping for a guard as the next CC. Maybe I need to rethink.

  • bertie

    I await with baited breath to see if he will do anything re disability. I can see this getting swept under the carpet as its not a sexy equality issue.

  • Denny Boy

    I wonder if he’ll tackle BBC NI? With his background in RTÉ it ought to be close to his heart.

    Perhaps not. Some cans are best left unopened. TV aside, one doubts whether Radio Ulster’s hiring policy could stand up to scrutiny. Who did you say was standing in for David Dunseith?

    Breath’s bated here too.