Ireland Qualify

The Ireland cricket side has qualified for the 2007 World Cup in the West Indies after victory over Denmark in Bangor yesterday.

  • Ricardo

    Well done Ireland. A brilliant achievement. I wonder how my girlfriend would feel about a Carribean holiday in 2007 (probably best not to mention the intensive cricket watching schedule)


    who cares?.

  • bootman

    a great example of what an-all ireland team can do

  • dealga

    Good on the cricket lads. Rather see them do well than those testicle squeezing, ear biting, head stamping, wrestling in the mud egg chasers

  • iluvni

    Good job Ireland.

    Scotland’s slip fielder pulled off as good a catch as I’ve ever seen yesterday against Holland.
    Ireland v Scotland will be a good final if it happens.

  • barnshee

    “Good on the cricket lads. Rather see them do well than those testicle squeezing, ear biting, head stamping, wrestling in the mud egg chasers”

    How dare you describe the protestors from west Belfast in that manner

  • Mick

    Birrell reckons we haven’t seen the best of the Irish team yet.

    The best news out of all of this is that Ireland will be at the World Cup in 2007. But there’s still all to play for. Three of the five winners of the ICC Trophy to date have eventually been awarded Test status.

    That’s a long way off just now. But even the longest journeys must start somewhere!

  • The Beach Tree

    Personally Mick I’d be happy with ODI status like Kenya, and that I believe is achievable – that in turn might just provide enough funding to get some sort of professional cricket going in Ireland – either as an ireland “county” team (which we already have for C&G purposes), or more desirably in the “very” long term, three teams based out of Belfast, Dublin and Cork (called maybe, Ulster, Leinster and Munster?) -somewhat similar to the rugby model – amateur club cricket, backing up small number of pro “provinces”-counties.

    This will in the long term be far more likely to lead to a strong Irish set up for pro-cricket, and possible test status in 20-30 years

    If nothing else Ireland-England test and ODI series would be crowdpleasers!

  • The Beach Tree

    Scotland aren’t so slow!

    BBC NEWS | Scotland seek England ODI.

  • Sean

    Is this success on the cricket field going to last? Who knows maybe one day we will see Ireland host crickets’ World Cup! But would that be at Lansdowne or Croke!?!

  • Gerry O’Sullivan

    I’m not a big fan of cricket myself, but I am delighted to see that it is beginning to take root here. As well as indigenous players, the influence of immigrants and transient visitors from cricket-playing countries is having an effect.

    Ballyhaunis, Co Mayo has a thriving and successful cricket club, drawn mostly from the local Pakistani community. If Ireland is to become a force in the international cricket scene, the national association needs to be able to draw on, and develop, talents such as these.

  • Tochais Síoraí

    Will Ed Joyce be available in 2007?

  • CavanMan

    Im sure the travel agents are blocked with irish fans booking their trips to the west indies in 2007. 😉

  • The Beach Tree

    CAvan Man

    Don’t be sarky 😉 you would be surprised at the numbers of irish who already go to a cricket world cup – now that there are three home nations as such (or four if ECB=E&WCB) I think it all the more likely a fair number of us will make the trip – get your passports.

  • CavanMan

    Beach Tree

    i will support any team called Ireland seeing as they represent me, however i find the game of cricket extremely boring….. perhaps us irish can irishise it… allow kneecapping with the bats etc 😉 im sure it would be a ”hit” in West Belfast then 🙂

  • Chris Gaskin

    To think people call Cavan ones sarchastic miserable gits 😉

    I don’t know where they came up with that

  • CavanMan

    LOL Chris, i dont know were it came from either.:)

  • St. Helene

    Ed Joyce will be playing for England in 2007, he hopes.

  • PS

    Neil Toibin – “mean Cavan bastards” is generally who gets the blame for Cavan’s miserable reputation!

  • CavanMan


    i understand all you South Armagh boys are jealous of us Cavan men…enjoy your weekend of Ulster Final Triumph and pray you dont come accross us,in the mean time.