Commenting Policy

Just to keep everybody up to speed, we have introduced a formal policy on what is expected from commenters in the comment fields. It is not intended to curtail honest debate. But it is important to remind commenters that their freedom of speech (which we unreservedly uphold) here on Slugger is nonetheless circumscribed by the law.

Commenting policy:

1. We request that anyone wishing to leave comments refrains from posting material which is abusive, threatening or potentially libellous.

2. We reserve the right to edit or even delete comments for reasons of legal compliance, taste, decency, good management or any other reason that we see fit. Furthermore we may impose an IP ban on any person or persons who persistently or wantonly flout this policy.

3. We do not have the time or resources to constantly monitor or moderate the comments sections, and so may be unaware of illegal or potentially libellous material posted there. If you believe a libellous statement or statements have been made in the comments section, please notify us by sending an e-mail containing details of offending material to [email protected]

4. We will review the material and if, in our opinion, there are grounds for believing the material to be libellous or potentially libellous then that material will be deleted at the first possible opportunity.

5 The judgement of the Editors in these matters is final and will be exercised without apology, explanation or compensation.