Commenting Policy

Just to keep everybody up to speed, we have introduced a formal policy on what is expected from commenters in the comment fields. It is not intended to curtail honest debate. But it is important to remind commenters that their freedom of speech (which we unreservedly uphold) here on Slugger is nonetheless circumscribed by the law.

Commenting policy:

1. We request that anyone wishing to leave comments refrains from posting material which is abusive, threatening or potentially libellous.

2. We reserve the right to edit or even delete comments for reasons of legal compliance, taste, decency, good management or any other reason that we see fit. Furthermore we may impose an IP ban on any person or persons who persistently or wantonly flout this policy.

3. We do not have the time or resources to constantly monitor or moderate the comments sections, and so may be unaware of illegal or potentially libellous material posted there. If you believe a libellous statement or statements have been made in the comments section, please notify us by sending an e-mail containing details of offending material to

4. We will review the material and if, in our opinion, there are grounds for believing the material to be libellous or potentially libellous then that material will be deleted at the first possible opportunity.

5 The judgement of the Editors in these matters is final and will be exercised without apology, explanation or compensation.

  • Tug of her stool

    Could you please post that again in Irish for the benefit of those of us who have had our esteem damaged by seeing it posted only in English the first time?

  • peteb

    6. Press the POST button once and ONLY ONCE.. ffs.

  • Comrade Stalin

    Peteb, during most of last night and early today a “page not found” error message came up while trying to post. If there are consistent duplicates happening it’s reasonable to assume there may be a problem with the posting mechanism.

  • Stray Toaster

    It was 505-ing on me, as opposed to 404-ing the other night, which was probably as well, as I thought I was heading red card-wards as it was.

  • Nathan

    I’m having the same problems as Stray Toaster – lets hope Mick sorts it out on Monday.

  • bertie

    I’m still having problems – a 404 when trying to post to “Parading Spokesmen”

  • Moderator

    All, Can you detail your errors here for Mick to deal with Monday. So far we have reports of 505s and 404s. Are these intermittent across the site or just posting problems or certain users? A lot of users seem ok, are those with problems on a particular browser/platform? Thank you.


  • bertie

    I’ve been having problems for a few days. It seems to be only a few threads and those I had a problem with yesterday and the day before are all right now but one or two new threads are a problem today. One manifestation was getting an error message when posting and the thread showing a no of comments on the list of recent posts being greater than the number when I actually go into the dodgy threads.

  • peteb


    Internal Server Error
    The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.
    Please contact the server administrator, and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error.

    More information about this error may be available in the server error log.

    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.


    Apache/1.3.33 Server at Port 80

  • bertie

    Also, when I get an error message it seems to store up the post and it eventually gets through. I’ve beem a bit slow to pick up on this which is why I have multiple posted to Parading Spokesman. The last post of these is a bit different as I edited it beofe my last attempt to post. When they are tidied up could you leave the last one please.

  • peteb


    Hence 6. above

  • martin

    Same as bertie above with regard to the 5 jailed over Corrib gas line thread. please leave the one with the best spelling

  • bertie

    I am a real technophobe so I don’t understand these things but I don’t remember having such an error message where it still accepted the transaction (even with a time delay). This is why we are multiple posting. We think the attempt has failed. We curse (or at least I do), try again get the same result.

  • Mick

    Try hitting the refresh button.I have had similar problems posting since about Thursday. Continuing to look into it. Hope to have it sorted by Monday. Please stick with us!

  • peteb

    It tends to get trapped in a loop, Mick.

    The important thing to emphasise, IMHO, is that once the POST button is hit.. it WILL appear.

  • bertie

    The listing of recent posts gives ‘Parading Spokesmen’ as 23. When I go into it there are only 21. I tried to post to it earlier and got the 404 error. I suspect that one of those missing two posts is mine. I will resist the urge to repost as I suspect that it will appear at some stage. This is really frustrating. It is amazing how indignant I feel about this. Even though I am not paying for a service I feel really hard done by. Just shows how much I had taken this site for granted.

  • Nathan

    Slugger should have laid down these ground rules much earlier.

    For a time there, “contributors” were popping in simply to make comments about politicians/journalists, without substantiating it whatsoever. Such self-absorbed individuals were therefore doing their level best to reduce the value of slugger, to that of a cheap sunday newspaper – which wasn’t on – particularly when you consider the amount of time and effort Mick (and company) have put into this resource.

  • Roy Burns

    Bombs to Belfast:

    One Sunday morning last autumn while relaxing and innocently reading my newspaper at my
    apartment in the New Lodge I was shocked and momentarily terrified by a
    series of explosions in quick succession, leading me to spill my cappuccino upon
    my copy of the Sunday Times.

    Lurching into my carpet slippers I ventured onto my piazza and was greeted by the
    sight of scared pigeons flying hither and thither after being so rudely aroused from their Sunday morning repose as I myself was. Some of them sought refuge on my balcony but I shooed them away with the business section of my paper. Gazing through these near mid – air collisions and looking city bound I saw a grey column of dampened smoke drifting lazily eastward threatening to obscure the vista of my fellow condominium dwellers at Laganside.

    After consulting with my concierge I was told that what had transpired was a controlled explosion and demolition of an old office block – by a company imported from England!

    I was aghast at such news. When one thinks of the high unemployment in Belfast it beggars belief that the Social Development Ministry would commission outsiders for this task when there is a wealth of underemployed practitioners of this trade right here in our own fair city just crying out for work.

    Think also how this could so easily have forwarded the peace process as former combatants could have come together, uncomissioned and retrieved their arsenals from defunct coal holes and other clandestine locations. Together they could have demolished that building with one faction performing the technical, explosive end and the other putting to good use their years of crowd control and at a fraction of the cost to the tax payer.
    I feel the powers that be have missed a golden opportunity to address many issues on this occasion.

    Roy Burns.

  • always hoping

    im just curious, why do people in ni have the ability to hate so much. look at “hatesville” in ballymena, a good example where someone has managed to turn the love of jesus into a crude hate. personally i think the orange order is the culprit professing its odd form of cuture. do they think jesus would have marched as well considering his background. colour class and creed. also please look up league of augsburg on the net. finally if the battle of the boyne was about religion why didnt the 3-4 million catholic inhabitants of ireland have a go. or maybe its all a bit of sectarian spin.

  • Abi Davis