Terrorist attack on London

At least 6 explosions have been reported in London. The public transport system, both tube and bus, appear to have been targeted. The army has been deployed onto the streets and despite early reports that the tube explosions were connected to power surges, it’s clear this is a major terrorist attack on London. Update Guardian Newsblog link Another Update Robin Grant at perfect.co.uk has more reports and links Update again It now seems likely that there were 4 explosions. Not 6.

  • 6countyprod

    Forget a national stadium at the Maze. Let’s reopen it for new customers. We could call it GITMO 2!

  • circles

    Daft statement 6CP.
    Talk about jumping the gun.

  • will

    Y does gitmo2 have to be in NI stick em on some island off scotland 😛

  • 6countyprod

    Sounds like circles might think that we would be abusing someone’s human rights if we were to lock them up. Maybe it would be better for the security services not to take any prisoners. That would solve the accomodation problem.

  • peteb

    Would someone, anyone, please punch George Galloway.

  • T.Ruth

    I wonder if others find it sickening to read that Gerald Adams has offered his uneqivocal condolences to the people of London. This is hypocrisy on a grand scale or perhaps Mr. Adams is capable of a degree of self delusion that enables him to distinguish between different degrees of terorism. His organisation Sinn Fein is inextricably linked to the most sectarian ,fascist terrorist organisation in the Western hemisphere-an organisation responsible for 1800 murders and countless bombings.

  • DCB


    I couldn’t care less about Adams or anyone else draging up NI issues – like yourself

  • Will

    DCB but it does not makes ruths statement any less true…

  • circles

    Despite some posters anachronistic (and more than slightly crazy) attempts to make a link between the London bombings and our own wee sad corner of the planet, I think they highlight how fair we have come.
    For most people with at least an ounce of analytical ability it was clear from the start that these bombings had nothing to do with either mainstream republicanism (who are now thankfully beyond this) and dissident republicanism (who are so full of spooks that they can hardly plan a trip to the garage without 2 intelligence agents going along for the ride).

  • Young Fogey

    Sky and Reuters are reporting a failed nail bomb at Warren St, Shepherd’s Bush and Oval closed, possible bomb on a bus in Hackney.