Hain: Britain's nefarious role in Ireland

In a story first broken in the paper version of Lá, Zoe Tunney reports on Peter Hain’s remarks in private meetings with Irish Americans regarding Britain’s historic role in Ireland as “nefarious” amongst other things.

  • beano; EverythingUlster.com

    Wonder does Hain have any suspicions about this?

  • Jacko

    “He is very nuanced and on top of the brief,” Mr O’Dowd said.
    “I was impressed by his understanding of the problems in the north and I think he is very clear about what lies ahead in the peace process.”

    Nuff said.

  • circles

    Not so fast with the finger ponting beano – especially when yopur first suspicions prove wrong and apologies will not be so quick in appearing.

  • slug9987

    My theory is that Hain was chosen to assuage republican fears, in order to facilitate the IRA to stand down.

  • reality check

    A brit who knows his country has done wrong.I wish they all were like that

  • beano; EverythingUlster.com

    I clearly said in my post it was speculation and considered al qeada, g8 protestors and french athletics fans too. calm yerself.

  • Baluba

    It seems that Hain coud be a man to really facilitiate some reconciliation between these two islands. I hope he doesn’t get hammered for being magnanimous and progressive by Unionists. Britain did wrong in Ireland and a recognition (not necessarily a ‘sorry’ although that would be nice) could go a long way to healing divisions.

  • Waitnsee

    The only people hammering Hain right now are Sinn Fein – “stupid”, I believe they’ve been repeatedly calling him. Now there’s gratitide for you.

  • T.Ruth

    Mr.Hain will learn that those who sup with he Devil should use a long spoon. To Republicans he is just another Brit to be emotionally massaged and politically manipulated. To Unionists he is a man who is implacably opposed to Northern Ireland’s continued existence as part of the United Kingdom -and therefore not to be trusted. I would have as much trust for anything he told Unionists as I would for anything Tony Blair promised the Unionist people

  • Jacko

    reality check
    “A brit who knows his country has done wrong.I wish they all were like that”

    And there was me thinking he was South African.

  • bertie

    I can’t help thinking he can be no worse than Mo Molam etc. Firstly they will not appoint anyone who was not prepared to appease the IRA and suck up to the “loyalist” terrorists when that helps (helps appeasement as opposed to peace) a la Molam. Even if they did let someone through who turned out to have a moral core, they would not be allowed to operate on that basis. We are not going to get another Roy Mason, more’s the pity.

  • barnshee

    Remember he is a POLITICIAN –that is a lying self serving, unprincipled toe rag who will say and do ANYTHING to be re-elected. he also has ambition (would like to be PM) That is his achilles heel screw him with it.(if I mix the metaphor)