Parade Protest March banned

The BBC are reporting that police have cancelled the march through the village of Auchterarder – as close as they could get to the G8 Summit at Gleneagles – after overnight trouble in central Scotland. A Tayside Police Spokeswoman is quoted in the report “It is not going ahead on the grounds of public safety and because of the disruption to the road network in the area and the level of criminal activity taking place.”.. hmmm.. Is the Parades Commission listening? Update It’s on again.. sheesh.. [thanks Brendan]

  • beano;

    Genuine question: Is it within the parades commission’s remit to ban protests like those where protestors were lobbing missiles at the Tour of the North as it passed the Ardoyne shops?

  • peteb


    I’d suggest that if a protest was presented to the Commission with that as part of its plan, the protest would be banned.

    But it’s really a public order issue.. and as such should be a policing decision.

  • Brendan
  • Alan2

    Why allow the G8 to go ahead at all if you know there is going to be public disorder and rioting? After all look at the inconvenience to the city of Edinburgh, to traffic and to the rights of shop owners and the citizens of Edinburgh not to be inconvenienced?