One big [reasonable] party

We’ve had our share of difficulties with encouraging, and moderating, reasoned debate – in the past *fingers crossed*.. But anyone thinking that it’s a problem exclusive to Slugger should think again. Via the Instapundit, here’s an interesting analogy from US blog The Volokh Conspiracy – Comments threads as parties.. “But remember, (1) it’s the host’s party, and (2) hey, it’s only a party.”

He expands on his reasonable requests for commenters to be –

“as calm, reasoned, and substantive as possible,” to “avoid rants, invective, and substantial and repeated exaggeration,” to “[s]tick[] with substance,” or, “[i]f you think people would view you as a crank, a blowhard, or as someone who vastly overdoes it on the hyperbole, [to] rewrite your post before hitting enter.”

If only *ahem*