London Olympics could help Maze stadium funding

It appears the Maze stadium could indeed be in the running for a piece of the London 2012 Olympic pie, which would mean lottery funding would be made available for its construction. If you’ll excuse me, I’m off to eat some humble cake of my own.

  • Mick

    Fair play to you entirely George!

  • Veritas

    Time to consider the name for the proposed sports stadium at the former site of Long Kesh.
    I propose the following (not in any order of preference, I like them all)

    Bobby Sands Memorial Stadium,
    Long Kesh Stadium,
    H-Block Stadium.

  • irelands32

    Good suggestions there Veritas but for me it should be

    In Memory of the 10 Stadium

  • Billy O’Neill

    In honour of those who died at the Maze it should be named the Bobby Sands Billy Wright Stadium.

  • SeamusG

    London has Wembley, we could have Whataboutembley.

  • Ringo Billy Bingo

    Will attendees be able to eat in the Bobby Sands Memorial Snack Bar?
    I thenk ewe.

  • beano

    Don’t be silly Ringo that’s really not a catchy name.

    Now Bobby’s Burgers Bar on the other hand… 😉

  • Ringo Billy Bingo

    Whoever gets that franchise can then bid for a
    Spud U Like at the Famine Memorial Centre.

    Will stadium staff wear a uniform?
    Or will they just turn up in blankets and their own shite?

  • Veritas

    I only made my first (deliberately provocative) post to see how offensive and vulgar the responses could be. So far my vote goes to Ringo Billy. This is more fun than a Pavlovian experiment.

  • rogey

    Just call it Windsor Park Mark 2

    The bigots will only be moving house !!

  • Ringo Billy Bingo

    Not as offensive as wee Bobby must find – from his celestial hospital bed – that the best he can hope for from his death is a soccer stadium bearing his name, the unionist veto and the union enshrined in international law, the RUC’s name changed and not very much else, a cross border body on inland waterways, Sinn Fein begging unionists to join them back in Stormont and the IRA on the verge of effectively surrendering every single weapon its members died for, in return for the aforementioned.
    Ah well. :p

  • iluvni

    Bobby’s Sandswiches surely?