Both hospitals are to be opened by 2010?

Despite the reports of plans for a £175million hospital in Enniskillen and a £90million hospital for Omagh being approved by the Trust in March. The new Minister with responsibility for Health, Shaun “I used to work with Esther Rantzen” Woodward, has now stated that “There won’t be conventional acute hospitals at Omagh and Enniskillen”. The BBC’s Dot Kirby suggests that Enniskillen “will have the ability to stabilise somebody and move them on for help. But it won’t have emergency surgery, it will lose its intensive care, it would not be counted as an acute hospital.” More consultation to follow..

  • kevin

    off course the Enniskillen unit with a catchment population less that 60 0000 will not have anything more that Omagh For two long the decent patients of the area have been fooled by the polititions and the health board and trust into beliving that they were the chosen few and a full scale closure of the Omagh unit would allow enniskilen to be the main acute service provider for the whole area .
    As i am from Omagh i think its sad that we will have no major acute service provision across any of the two counties . And what really sadens me is the csot of providing two local hospitals is in excess of £300 million every penny having to be paid back to a private company leaving less money for the provision of whatever services we end up with . I can only forcas the development of poorer services with the britissh govermnet and out polititions working hand and glove to support such a decision .
    As is the usael way the patients have had no say in such a non-sensicale decision as our polititions only need us when it comes round to getting elected .