Live8: giving the world an uncertain tweak?

I’m only sorry I didn’t spot this last week, but Eammon McCann observes a gap between the aims of the organisers of Live8 and the values of their supporters. However what concerns him most is the closeness of the MPH‘s agenda to that of the British government, and the uncharacteristically easy ride he claims it has been given in the British media.

  • DCB

    If it’s any consolation the “champagne lunch” wasn’t up to much.

  • idunnomeself

    And reading this now we know why ideologically pure types (like McCann) haven’t changed the world one jot. They are irreleavnt. Thank the Lord for realists.

    I mean how outrageous, that Geldof man can’t really want to eradicate poverty if he actually talks to decision makers or organises his concert so that there is no crowd crush at the front?

    wise up