A day in the life of direct rule…

Mark Devenport with an insight into what passes for government in Northern Ireland as he spends a day with one of the newest Direct Rule ministers, Shaun Woodward.

  • DaithiO


    Please could you post the exact link as i couldn’t find it on the FT web-site.



  • Mick

    I take it that this is relating to the FT story, rather than the Devenport one above. I tried searching for it earlier, but the URL wouldn’t show. I’ve copied the quotations from the paper copy. If it changes during the day I will certainly post the exact url. Though I suspect it will be subscription locked!

  • DaithiO

    Thanks Mick, yes it would appear I was momentarily lost !

  • Millie

    “Fix me a g&t will you Jeeves, sorting out these bogwogs is such a drag”