That's all for now folks…

I’m heading off for the weekend. Just like last time out, I will probably get drawn into watching some of Live8. Others will no doubt be doing something more active. David Vance plans to burn a hole in the Ozone layer instead. Ruaridh Nicoll argues against the fashionable dissent from the live8 project. You can follow the through Technorati! Meanwhile as Ireland get to 318 for 8 in their ICC Trophy match against Bermuda and Donegal prepares to take on Cavan on Sunday, that’s the sum of my other interests this weekend. Have a good one all!

  • David Vance


    Thank you kindly for the mention but in fairness I was only pointing out my abiding concern for the ozone layer given the vast amount of hot air that will be generated by infantile pop and rock star glitterati at LIVE8.

  • CavanMan

    Mick i predict a bad weekend for your Donegal Heroes,as they meet the Kings of Ulster on Sunday. 😉

  • Mick

    Cavan Man – Kings of Ulster? Get to the back of the queue!

    David – I’ve only been listening on the radio, but Youssou N’Dour’s had the best pitch of the show so far when he shouted ‘give us your trade’!

  • Mick

    Also had the misfortune to listen to the Lions match this morning. Tonked by thirty points! We might be able to quibble on some questionable stretching of the rules, but then again we hardly showed up with ‘the best prepared Lions team ever’. More like a team of great players made to look ordinary.

    Sir Clive had best keep his head down when tomorrow’s copy hits the newstands, and maybe keep it down until he gets safely out of New Zealand and back to Southampton.

  • CyberScribe

    LIVE8 – I got drawn into watching it (as you do) and found the antics of Mariah Carey amusing. It must be hard for her to handle being “upstaged” by the African Children’s Choir (regular visitors to Norn Iron)

  • CavanMan

    Bad day for Donegal people today 🙂 , im sure Mick along with all those thousands of Donegal Fans are gutted, over being beaten by the Kings of Ulster( you cannot dispute that now).
    I will understand if you feel too awful to reply.