PR first, rewriting history next

Patrick Murphy in the Irish News, helpfully transcribed by Newshound, asserts that the PIRA has already decided what its statement will say.. and that the dance has already begun. He argues that the current PR make-over will merge into a more insidious process by a Provisional Movement in pursuit of political power – “For its successful transformation from paramilitary to para-political it must pursue three inter-linked strands of spin – claim continuity of structure; reinforce its assertion of victory and, to justify its victory claim, it must then rewrite Irish history.”

  • Henry94

    By saying that there can never be an armed republican struggle again in Ireland

    How can they say that? All they can be expected to say is that they won’t be involved in it.

  • Baluba

    I wish I was blessed with such a vivid imagination…

  • Veritas

    How could anyone think that Irish History could be re-written?

    This has never been done before, has it?

    Answers on a postcard please to Conor Cruise O’Brien or to John A Murphy.

  • Zorro

    Socio-political history can be re-written but only if broader society allows it. In this respect, everyone has a role to play in making sure it doesn’t happen. How? By positively demonstrating, at the ballot box, a complete abhorrence to the activities carried out by the men of violence. If anything positive can be drawn from the 9/11 atrocity, it is that world opinion seemed to unite against terrorism. So whatever the cause, be it loyalist or republican, the eyes of the world are watching!