McBride case to go to Europe…

JEAN McBride is to appeal to the European Court of Human Rights after her latest bid to have the convicted murderers who killed her son thrown out of the Army. It’s intensely embarrassing for a Government that throws out soldiers guilty of smoking a spliff to retain convicted murderers in its ranks, but the Army seems to have the rest of the State over a barrel on this issue.

  • Setanta

    Good on them. Bring it to Europe. What support has Dublin given ?

  • Jimmy_Sands

    She has every right to be angry but she should be careful what she wishes for. If she succeeded in getting them drummed out the likelihood is they would walk out with hefty severance cheques. The killers themselves may even be cheering her on.

  • Elvis the Dog

    Perhaps they could use some of their compensation money to buy Johnny Adair a new video recorder.