Bertie and Tony: NI's social worker team?

Lindy McDowell kicks off her column with a morality tale which expresses her belief that violent men have been indulged under the aegis of the Northern Ireland peace process. She calls for some plainer speaking from government and excoriates what she terms the language of the Little Book of Patronising Pap. At bottom, she calculates that the two governments are daily losing trust and public credibility so long as the process of disarmament remains (apparently hopelessly) stalled.

The trust has gone between the people and those in authority who turned a blind eye to the continuing violence and the intimidation. Isn’t it time that Tony and Bertie publicly acknowledged this? That never mind the fact that we have lost all trust in the “good intentions” of the (still) most heavily armed terrorist organisation in Western Europe. Our trust in those who were supposed to oversee the disarmament of that terrorist outfit, has also taken a hammering.