and you thought Google Maps was cool!?!

Eszter at Crooked Timber, once again, finds the coolest download ever.. seriously.. this is amazing.. slight caveat.. check the minimum system specs.. and you’ll need a broadband connection.. but.. Wow.. just.. Wow!

  • Snapper


  • Northern FF

    And Pete manages to slash productivity by 90%. This is an amazing thing.

  • peteb

    And Pete manages to slash productivity by 90%.

    Heh. 🙂

  • maca

    If you want to “explore, search and discover” much further afield i’d recommend Celestia.

  • peteb


    but does it also give directions to Milliways?

  • maca

    Which Milliways? The one on Adeona or Genoveva?

  • Keith M

    I think this falls into the internet toy category. It’s great for a while, but will anybody genuinely use it for long. Google Desktop may be a lot less sexy, but a lot more usefuul.

  • Young Fogey

    I had successfully convinced myself that I didn’t need to upgrade from 256k to 8 Megs… now I’m not so sure.