Most useful?

The Guardian’s Online Blog wants to know – “What are the most useful sites on the web?”.. as part of a six month review of their previous list...

And this, spotted by Ezter, at Crooked Timber.. may suggest the NYTimes Technology editor might know a site he would like to nominate.. although it sounds more like a comment aimed at the NYTimes marketing department

STOP BUGGING ME If newspaper marketers think they are receiving reliable user information via those annoying site registrations, they should run their Web addresses through, which offers quick user names and passwords to people who click on a link only to be confronted by a mandatory registration page. Some examples of usernames: thisisannoying; iwantnews; thisisjustsilly; whydoyoudothis.

Drop your suggestions at the Guardian.. and then call back and tell us which sites you’ve nominated.. or not..