Thanks for all the blogs…

The blogger at Talk Politics, thinks one of us at Slugger should sit in the not-a-politician slot on the BBC’s Question Time. Where’s me country hat tips us for staying awake through the UUP leadership race. Gerry O’Sullivan on the importance of agonistic argument.

Thanks too for mentions from Diarmid Logan; Dosing Times; exit 145; Best of Both Worlds; the very excellent Tom Griffin; Paul the erudite Magyar; Kevin the disillusioned lefty; Mr Peter The Gudgeon Reavy; Buff and Blue; The boys (and one girl) in the Back Seat; Res Publica; Never trust a hippy; O journalism; An tImeall ag dul ar fheabhas; Incorrect use of soap; Free Stater; Politicalist; Sheila O’Malley; Irish Aires; David Williamson; the inimitable Felix Quigley; Steven at Everything Ulster; doChara; and thanks to Colman at the Euro Trib for occasional links in his thrice-weekly Irish news round-ups.

Now repeat it all out loud in one breath. Sounds like a warm up for the U2 gig in Croker tonight!

  • beano;

    Man that’s a lot of blogs. I must bookmark this page to give me something to do when work dries up! Thanks for the mention mick!!

    (PS I think you got EuroTrib’s link wrong)

  • Mick

    Should be sorted now!

  • PS

    I think you did extermely well to address the bould Mr. Quigley in as welcoming a tone as you did Mick!

  • Cian O’Flaherty

    THanks for the mention, keep up the massively good work that all you guys do. By the way serious kudos again for not simply being tempted to boycott ocverage of the UUP contest on principle issues. Being that bored should be a crime!!
    RedRover @ progressiveireland

  • Kevin

    Thanks for the mention, Mick. It’s much appreciated. As is this lovely list of blogs.

  • Gerry O’Sullivan

    Thanks for the mention, Mick.

    The spike on my sitemeter is a sight to behold!

  • Imeallach

    Go raibh maith agat, Mick! Coinnigh ort!

  • Paul

    Thanks Mick,
    I’ve just checked what “erudite” means!