U2 ticket on auction for local NI charity!

Chris Johnston is chair of the Youth Empowerment Scheme, a weekly mentoring programme for kids aged 11-14 from diverse backgrounds. He has a ticket for the big U2 concert at Croke Park. The ticket is seated – lower end Canal End (Category 1). Whoever has mailed him (chris[at]youthempowermentscheme[dot]org)
the best offer by noon tomorrow gets the ticket. All proceeds are going to the charity. We’ll keep you posted of progress, or at the very least the highest bid, when we have it!

  • crat

    Red card to Mick for assisting in a breach of contract?

    6.No cash or credit alternatives will be offered. Tickets cannot be transferred, replaced or re-sold.


  • Mick

    Oh dear. Not even for chareedy?

  • peteb

    Careful, Mick.. you could end up with Sir Bob and St. Bono on your case 😉

  • Naoise Nunn

    Last line on the back of the ticket reads: “Tickets may not be resold for more than the face value.” I think you’re safe enough, Mick!

  • Wondering

    Do Unionist people like U2, or if they are Irish does that mean an instant hate? This is a serious question. Also Because Unionist people hate the GAA, and maybe some like U2, and U2 are playing in GAA headquarters, will that stop Unionist likening U2 people going as the hate for the GAA is stronger. Confusion?
    And what about using the Euro as I assume they are more tied to the conservative party in England and Wales which is a Euro sceptic party.
    I have just realised some people on the Island appear a bit alien to other people.

  • maca

    “Do Unionist people like U2”
    Being the best band in the world some probably do.

    “or if they are Irish does that mean an instant hate?”

    “Because Unionist people hate the GAA … will that stop Unionist likening U2 people going”
    No, I really don’t think so.

    “And what about using the Euro…”
    What about it? It’s just money.

  • Alex

    I am a Unionist, and I like U2, they aren’t my favourite band – that’s The Corrs ironically.

    I have no quibbles about going to a GAA ground, in fact I have worked on a few of them in the RoI.

  • Five Star

    I am a Unionist and i hate U2 and The GAA. The Euro makes me sick, no culture any more.