Michael Stone being questioned by police…

Reuters reported last night that Michael Stone’s presented himself to police in London and has now been brought back to Antrim police station for questioning.

  • Brendan

    One wonders what this is all about…..

  • VerucaSalt

    yeah I thought Michael Stone had abandoned his life of crime for the world of art? Unless he’s providing information against someone…Jim Grey, Johnny Adair?

  • slackjaw

    Crimes against hairdressing.

  • Blackadder

    “Crimes against hairdressing.”

    LOL. Let’s hope so, he’s mad as a box of frogs.

  • tomasmaguire

    One wonders what this is all about…..

    Stone was/is talking about writing a book about Doris Gray to avenge his honour after allegedly being publicly humiliated by the pink poser at a funeral.

    I expect some of the more bookish detectives in Antrim are brushing up on their ‘Grayisms’ in a pre-publishing preview by way of the author’s verbal rendition of chapters 1 – 12.