You have 20 seconds to comply

Well, that was the first reference that came to mind from the final quote in this report… ANYway.. The BBC report that “plans to privatise traffic wardens and bring in wheel clamping in Northern Ireland are being introduced at Westminster.” – The situation sounds more than a little confused..

Firstly the report states..

It will mean traffic wardens will be transferred from the Police Service of Northern Ireland to the Department of Regional Development.

and then..

The changes will also see Roads Service pass parking enforcement, including vehicle clamping, to a private company.

Which would mean traffic wardens leaving the employment of the Department of Regional Development, surely?

But the area for chaos to reign is with the proposals for wheel-clamping..

Geoff Allister from Roads Service said the company will still have to get approval from the Roads Service to actually clamp vehicles.

Sure they will, Geoff.. sure they will..