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Gavin Sheridan is putting some of his considerable blogging experience into a new blog dedicated to tracking stories regarding corruption in Irish society. The burning topic of the moment is on Garda mishandling of the Richie Barron murder case, which is getting interesting at moment as it focuses on the role of the ministers in mishandling past complaints. Slugger’s tip: this is definately one Irish blog to watch, and keep watching!

  • Jack Charlton

    fair play, I hope you can blog about jumped up local cummans.

  • martin

    Jack Charlton.

    did you mean Beverly Flynn, daughter of Pee –famous for her tax evasion advice while bank employee—the jumped up little cumann must be her branch of continuity Fianna Fail in Mayo.

  • martin

    In the wake of the Morris tribunals findings against Gardai who planted weapons and explosives, I regret to add that a lot of the local people in Limerick believe that arms finds attributed to a very colourful character in the local detective force are also planted.

    This detective is also widely rumoured to be on the take from one if not all of the Limerick drugs barons—-He came to notice when a story went around in the mid 90s that a raid was pulled on a drug lords home cocaine worth 50,000 and 20,000 in cash was left on the floor -drug lord offered this detective the money if he walked back out again and saw nothing–cop walked out after seeing nothing.

    Some journalist could have a field day in limerick if they decided to do some investigative work.

    Another story about this family is that as a present for one of their members who had been released from prison–A 56 year old woman was dragged in into a carrivan by them and gang raped by 5 of these low-lifes-she was sexually assaulted with a large whiskey bottle—when she reported it to the police—she was told that the gardai could not protect her life against this amily !!!!!!!???????!!!!!!!. she has since moved to Shannon.

  • martin

    p.s this site is great thanks Mick

  • Mick

    Martin thanks for the accolade. Just go easy on the personal stuff.

    If you are going to pass out accusations, you’ll help us immensely by sourcing them. The bigger the accusation the more care you need to take in making it.

  • martin


    true, but in that neck of the woods it is common knowledge that those accusations are true-regarding both thurles—Ben said he did it on the pat kenny limerick willie o,dea was in the South-hill area canvassing using the issue mentioned -it was on the front page of the Limerick leader at the time,also the LIMerick cronicle

  • martin

    news from the Dail mc DOWELL knew of garda antics in donegal for the past 5 years

  • martin

    The family of a 14 year old boy who died after being detained in Clonmel garda station 3 years ago are suing the state for wrongful death.

    Siobahn and Pat Rossiter believe their son Brian died after an assault in Garda custody.

    An autopsy carried out by Marie Cassidy the state pathologist concluded that Brien died of head trauma-.

    However an independent medical report carried out by John Lowe a british expert has since been commissioned.

    Gardai told Mr Rossiter that his son had been on a 5 day drink/estacy binge—-but toxicology tests showed no traces of alcohol or drugs in his bloodstream !!!!

    Ayouth detained with Brian said Gardai assaulted both of them!!!!

    When addmitted to Saint Josephs hospital the morning after his detention Brian aged 14 was suffering from a priapic erection and bruising to his penis.Priapism a painful condition in which the penis stays erect,is caused by sudden obstruction of the outflow of blood from the penis or injury to the spinal cord–the result of repeated kicks and punches to the groun??

    The 25 year old convicted for 20 years for the horrific gang rape of a woman in Cratlow woods and the serious assault on her partner is most welcome—–However,I think it is high time the Irish courts dropped this thing of running sentences concurrently and make them consecutive-this animal had 39 previous convictions he should not have been out.Concurrent sentences are telling the likes of him rape 2 get one free–crazy!!!.
    And also this nonsense of underprivaleged childhoods–this dirtbag comes from a mostly middle class area.
    there are many people of working class background in the ajoining areas of Southhill, Weston,Careys road and Childers road from poorer backgrounds than Stephen Barry who are perfectly law abiding and are outraged and disgusted by his behaviour.

  • Young Fogey

    It defies belief that in a democratic country in the 21st Century a case like Brian Rossiter’s can happen at all. However, the behaviour of the government and senior Gardai bespeaks a monumental arrogance which views the citizen as a tool of the authorities and the state as a trough for them to feed at.

    Of course what do you expect when the Interior Minister punishes the McGlinchey/McBrearty case Guards by giving them a cushy level transfer to Dublin? As long as you wear a blue uniform when you do it, no crime will ever attract the punishment it deserves.

  • martin

    Terence Wheelock 20 from Dublins north inner city has been in a coma for 3 weeks at the Maher hospital following his detention in Store st Gardai station.

    A relative who seen him just after his arrest along with 3 others said “when Ilast saw him he had a sore arm. Now he has head injuries severe bruising to the body and legs and AND SHARDS OF METAL EMBEDDED IN ONE OF HIS EYES!!!!!

    This happened a week after a trainee Garda from the Clare division was caught with cocaine worth thousands in his possession.

    Another Gardai cover up relates to Shannon CO Clare.
    COP broke window of a womans house who refused to have anything to do with him-she made a complaint-as usual the complaint went no-where.The cop threatened the woman on his own mobile phone that if she did not drop the complaint she would be the next Geraldine Gananne(probably spelt wrong)
    (Geraldine was killed by her estranged ex-boyfriend with a shotgun who then killed himself)

    Woman went to the top about this complaint-cop was transfered for 3 months with much talk of the woman receiving juistice-again nothing happened and this cop is back working in Clare in a town just up the road from Shannon.!!!!

    Before the moderator decides to cut this out —the story was in the Clare Champion,the clare people and the Limerick leader.

  • martin

    National acquatic center cost taxpayers 62 million 2 years ago –it is leeking like a sieve

  • niamh

    i cant understand why the irish people are putting up with police corruption. the guards are getting away with murder (pardon the pun). some one close to me was told by a top cork solicitor that there was no point trying to take criminal action agains the police because they are “untouchable”

    People that take Civil Action 95% of these cases are settled out of Court, and the Victim is asked to sign a confidentiality agreement so they cant even tell their story to the media. what choice do they have when most Solicitors suggest an out of court settlement.

    where is the Justice in this Country when a 14 year old boy “Brian Rossiter: dies in police custody…Why wasnt the child being monitered, then the boys in blue blatantly lie and say he was high on drugs and alcahol. Yet when tests were later carried out they proved negative!!

    I hope the memory of that boy haunts the police involved,because in this country its the only justice Brian Rossiter will get. The guards who are playing dumb are just as guilty as those involved.

  • Andrew Milner

    I suspect “innocence” is a notion that is foreign to the UK police force. To them an “innocent” citizen (subject) is a person whose crime/s has thus far remained undetected. This is why when they arrest someone for even the most nebulous, victimless crime, they wilfully persist. To admit they were wrong would involve a loss of face, but it’s more than that. They question and search the victim, check their mobile phone, search their home, take away their computer, questions friends and family. Partly they must be concerned about the possibly of litigation and having to pay out huge damages for wrongful arrest and false imprisonment, but also they believe that if you dig deep enough, evidence of wrong doing will be found. And if all else fails they can always plant incriminating evidence. So wouldn’t the rest of us be safer if the police departed the UK? Would have thought Iraq would be perfect. Kill as many civilians as they like and no one would bat an eyelid. And what’s more no tedious paperwork. How’s that for a win-win solution.