Government goes for another cover-up…

WELL there you go – the Government proves once again that it simply cannot be trusted to do what it says, as the inquiry into the murder of LVF killer Billy Wright is to be conducted under the terms of the Inquiries Act, and not the Prisons Act. This will mean evidence does not have to be given in public “for security reasons”.

While few will have shed tears over the death of one of the most evil and sectarian terrorists ever to have pulled a trigger here, the Government has left itself completely open to accusations of a cover-up – as it already has in the case of the murder of Pat Finucane.

This also renders the case for any kind of Truth Commission null and void, since it is now obvious the Government has no intention of revealing the possible role it played in the murder of citizens of the State it was supposed to be governing. The lack of accountability is frightening.