Democratic audit in the Republic

Yesterday TASC, the left liberal think tank based in Dublin, published the findings of its Democratic Audit y, a project based on an internationally used model. Democratic Dialogue is currently engaged in a similar project for Northern Ireland. So far, the southern report’s biggest impact has been from the launch speech of former Ombudsman Kevin Murphy, who rounded on the recent reluctance of an Oireachtas committee to stand up to the relevant minister (subs needed):

Mr Murphy said the Government was not being properly held to account. The failure of the Department of Health to properly charge for nursing home beds means the State must pay a compensation bill that could reach €2 billion. In its inquiry report, the Oireachtas Health and Children Committee said there was “an urgent need” to clarify “the responsibilities of Ministers and the extent to which they can reasonably be held accountable for the actions of the department and agencies under their charge”.

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