Be safe – be proud

An Garda Siochána have launched a crime prevention campaign aimed at encouraging members of the gay community to report any homophobic incidents, including blackmail. The campaign was launched to coincide with the Gay Pride celebrations to give personal safety advice to members of the gay community.

Is this a lead the PSNI could follow, especially as in April the House of Commons Committee criticised them for having a “sluggish and disjointed” approach to the protection of the Gay and ethnic communities in Northern Ireland, where in Derry, for example, homophobic attacks have trebled in the last year.

  • Liam

    Good for them, taking the lead in combating homophobia in the island of Ireland.
    While I do not agree with homosexuality as I am Christian, I also believe that you comdemn the sin, not the sinner.

  • martin

    good idea,

    But I still think they are using this as a smoke screen to distract attention from Mc Breartys.

    P.s most of my gay friends are disgusted by garda’s behaviour regarding Mc Brearty stitch up,the 14 year old who died in suspicious circumstances in Clonmel Garda station,and the 20 year old Dub who went into Garda station in perfect health and has been in a coma ever since,
    not to mention the antics of robo cop on the reclaim the streets crowd.

    The cops are onto a looser if they intend to win over the support of the gay community at the present moment—I work part time in a pub which has about a 50/50 % gay/hetro attendance–and Ive found that the homosexual community in general has a higher standard of fair play and contempt for bullies than us hetros–the garda are seen as being bullies by almost everyone in south at the moment—And please dont someone give me the politcally correct spin–“most garda are honest, hardworking individuals”

  • Keith M

    ” in Derry, for example, homophobic attacks have trebled in the last year.”

    Have we not covered this already? A trembling of reports of attacks does not equal a trebling of attacks. In fact in a rather round-about way an increase in reports can be good in that it shows a community with trust in the police to do something about it, rather than people suffering in isolation.

    To the point at hand, well done to the Gardai and I hope this campaign works as well as a similar one in London.

  • martin

    Does this mean that the Garda will actually respond to complaints made by the Gay community—well responding to aprox 10% of a community I suppose is a start—It seems it is a long time away till garda will respond(in less than 4 hours) to calls from old folks who are being terrorised in their homes by teenage thugs.

    About 3 weeks ago I happened to be in Miltown Malbay in county Clare–a woman working behind a bar was head-butted by a member of the travelling community–she reported it to the gARDA Station aprox 300 yards away–they took 2 days to get there!!!

  • toronto

    I can think of one supposedly socialist organization that should be addressing the homophobic attacks in Derry.

  • martin


    If we are thinking of the same organisation-one of its leaders is a homosexual himself-no not the top 2 but someone very close–you’d never guess either

  • Daisy

    “While I do not agree with homosexuality as I am Christian”

    A very Christian attitude! No one’s asking you to agree with anything. Just accept it.

  • beano;

    Daisy if you read the rest of his statement instead of doing a very selective quote I think his “comdemn the sin, not the sinner.” adequately covered this base.

  • Fraggle

    IMO classifying homosexuality as a sin calls into question the whole concept of sinning. When you call something that is the natural state for many otherwise good people, something that, in itself, causes no-one any harm or hurt, a sin, sinning loses meaning.

    Liam, you say that you condemn homosexuality because you are a Christian. Could you point me to the bit of the bible where Jesus condemns homosexuals. I must have missed it in RE class back in school. I only got bits like ‘let he who is without sin cast the first stone’.

    I’m sorry to have a go like this as you do have a tolerant attitude compared to a lot of other so-called christians.

  • Daisy

    “Daisy if you read the rest of his statement instead of doing a very selective quote I think his “comdemn the sin, not the sinner.” adequately covered this base.”

    Yes, that makes it much better. Not in the least bit judgemental, intolerant or patronising. Such attitudes often give credence to more extremist views and they should be challenged.

  • Jay Curtis

    Action adventure about Islamic fundamentalist terrorism, encrypted messages from the Old Testament, a doomsday nuclear bomb and a gay hero.

  • Wichser

    Here’s one for the Christian homophobes. If God created man and did so in his image does that mean there’s a percentage chance he was/is gay too ? After all, ‘He’ didn’t actually write the bible, it’s just kinds about him ? Or, was his creation of people born gay, if you will, a ‘design fault’ ? If so, maybe he’s not as omnipotent as you think ?