Joyce to get an England start?

The Sunday Tribune yesterday got indignant yesterday on behalf of Ed Joyce, when an English sports journo expressed surprise that as an Irishman he had to qualify on a residential basis to play for the England cricket team. If he does make it into the squad, the selectors won’t be choosing a token Mick. This season, it’s England who are doling out the text book lessons in how its done. England’s gain will be Ireland’s loss!

  • PS

    Mick, you’ve changed sports this Monday morning I see!

  • IJP

    I would’ve thought it’s time for a clear division of qualifications for test cricket and the one-day game.

    As there are no other test-playing teams in the British Isles (or even Europe), why not just automatically entitle anyone born/resident in Europe to play for the England test team?

    At one-day level there are other teams, so people should play for the country they’re from.

    Ed Joyce therefore could quite easily play test cricket for England (as Ireland has no team), but remain a one-day international for Ireland. That strikes me as the best way of safeguarding the game in developing countries while also safeguarding the test game by allowing the best players to play it.

  • jonny

    There are other issues though – for example, Kent wicketkeeper Niall O’Brien can’t play for Ireland in the upcoming ICC tournament, which is a great loss for Ireland, because his county can’t afford to be without him, and they’re the ones who pay his wages.

    IJP’s point seems a fair suggestion, but in practice would prob be difficult – many players progress through the one-day set up into the test team, and the England management seem much more likely to advance someone on the basis of them representing England well in one-dayers than any other country.

  • wjd

    The problem for Joyce is the strength of the competition above him: Bell, Thorpe and, after his great knock yesterday, Pietersen are all fighting for test spots. Key too, I suppose.

    In another era he’d have been in with a good shout, but I fear he’ll have to wait til after the Ashes.

  • Mick


    Call it pain avoidance!