CAP costs African farmers

As Pete picked up there is little between Fianna Fail and the DUP on subject of the common agricultural policy – they are both for it’s retention in it’s current form. However, the real problem the CAP is its effects well beyond the borders of the EU, and in particular, the effect it is having on African farmers! Live8, how are ya!

  • beano;

    So where’s Geldoff campaigning to Scrap the CAP? Wouldn’t be popular enough though would it – it’s much trendier (and easier) to have a go at Tony and the US instead.

  • peteb
  • Lafcadio

    beano – exactly, it’s easier for Bob to get headlines by calling eBay an “electronic pimp” than it is by trying to focus attention on the CAP; the Economist in its brief article about the eBay / live8 storm in a teacup wryly concluded that “Sir Bob, at least, cannot be accused of intellectual inconsistency. The closest he has ever come to propounding an economic theory is the slogan of his Live Aid concert 20 years ago: “Give us your fucking money.””

  • Roisin

    We find everything in SF: on the one hand we have Bairbre defending the CAP and on the other hand we have Mary Lou McDonald supporting the Trocair campaign

  • Heemo

    Why can the wealthy patronising git Geldof not apply his mind, and his pocket, to more adeqately addressing himself to the immediate need. Stop treating African people as victims and poor wee craturs who need our sympathy and beer money and start supporting moves to enable African people to start determining their own socio-economic futures in more meaningful fashion, if needs be by acts of righteous violence ?