Daily Ireland announces its sales figures

Although Daily Ireland has published a daily figure of 10,467 for its total daily sales, the official ABC figures have not yet been announced. What’s not clear is how the figures stack up on each side of the border, nor how it breaks down between newsagents and direct subscription sales (the latter was the focus of a high profile radio campaign on RTE and Newstalk). What we do know is that it is much higher than the 4000 figure that’s been unofficially circulating. We await the ABC figures with renewed interest!

  • Still confused



    The Irish News sells 49,955 copies of the paper in the wider north


    The Andersonstown News sells 8,457 copies of the paper in greater Belfast


    Daily Ireland sells 10,467 copies of the paper in all of Ireland


    How is that considered “success”?


    40,000 fewer copies sold than the Irish News yet Daily Ireland is distributed in a larger area;

    Only 2,000 more copies sold than its sister publication, the Andersonstown News, which is restricted to a very narrow geographic area, while again Daily Ireland is sold and marketed to the whole of the island? Only 2,000 more people in all of Ireland are buying Daily Ireland than are buying the Andersonstown News in Belfast?

    This is success?




  • Mick


    Red Card. This is getting tiresome. Pretty much everyone on Slugger seems to have taken my efforts to get the locus of conversation here away from the personal towards substance. I won’t suggest you are the only one not to have got it, but you’re in an increasingly small minority.

    You are clearly bright enough to make your case without getting personal about your opponents. See you in two weeks!

    Re. the original post, I posted the figures because a lot of people had been suggesting the figure was going to be very low. If it is confirmed, then I think the paper’s critics might, for once, accept that they have exceeded widespread accusation.

    However you see it, 10,000 (one fifth of the Irish News total) is a good performance for the paper’s first quarter. How good it is (IMHO) depends on hearing how much was sold in the Irish News’s home market area.

  • Waitnsee

    Still hoping for a column in Daily Ireland yourself then Mick?

  • Mick


    We’ll have to ‘wait and see’! 😉

  • Mick Hall

    Still hoping for a column in Daily Ireland yourself then Mick?

    Posted by: Waitnsee at June 21, 2005 12:59 PM

    Perhaps it is because the north is such a small place, but far to often, when someone writes something that another disagrees with, people claim they must have an agenda beyond the simply fact of a differing opinion, Waitnsee post above whilst perhaps meant as a joke falls into this catogry.

    If the DI stats are not to far off the mark [all papers massarge there circulation figures for obvious reasons] the paper is not doing badly as it has managed to gain readers from outside the core republican movement, to understand this one only has to look at the number of members SF has.

    In truth im surprised someone like Mick has not been offered a column, if the paper has a failure it is it has not really drawn in new voices from outside provisional Republicanism. If it fails to do so, myself I fear the worst. Plus the longer the DI fails to do so, the more hesitant people will be to write for it, not wishing to be associated with a SF only rag.

    In truth few of those who have posted to this thread anti DI posts have done so from a nutral position, but in my view would be against Daily Ireland no matter what standard the paper reached due to its links with members of the PRM. I would like to hear how the DI critics would like the papers content to change, for it to appeal to them?

  • The Devil

    4,100 4,100 4,100 4,100 4,100 4,100 4,100

    Is the above figure too hard for some people to get a grasp of. If the DI experiment is claiming that they are selling any other figure other than the above then either they have 6,000 subscribers that recieve the D.I in the post or there is a warehouse somewhere that has skyscraper towers of D.I for insulation.

    Me personally I have more intrest in the warehouse insulated with Northern banknotes than one insulated with Northern Irelands answer to Andrex.