A common agricultural policy, indeed

As Mick noted yesterday, MEP Ian Paisley was characteristically undiplomatic in his statement in defence of the contentious farm subsidies that flow from the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy. And the Irish Government agrees, unsurprisingly.. RTE reports that Minister for Agriculture and Food, Mary Couglan, described the current arrangements as sacrosanct and that “any dilution would be vociferously opposed by Ireland”… Hmm.. sacrosanct? Really? Update Interesting quote from Angela Merkel, possibly successor to German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder – “It isn’t fair to say that agricultural subsidies are sacrosanct, but we demand flexibility from the other side.”. Heh. Update again Thanks to About EU.. we wouldn’t want to leave anyone out of the commonality.

  • Alan

    Can’t see how they can object to the list being made available. This is public money and has to be accounted for. It doesn’t matter whether recipients are individuals or businesses.

    We need to know how much went to whom and for what. Indeed, I remember a PQ on precisely this point within the last year, and FOI would also have produced similar results.

  • Fermanagh Young Unionist

    “Can’t see how they can object to the list being made available”
    Because many would see this as their main income so they would appreciate a bit of privacy.

  • fair_deal


    What funding community groups get is publicly available. The salary scales of all civil servants are publicly available. It is not unusual for such information to be made public.