Which blogs has he been reading?

On second thoughts don’t answer that. The Guardian reports on the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams’ “wide-ranging attack on the media”.. including weblogs, which he described in the following way “Unwelcome truth and necessary and prompt rebuttal are characteristic of the web-based media. So are paranoid fantasy, self-indulgent nonsense and dangerous bigotry. The atmosphere is close to that of unpoliced conversation.” *ahem* .. Full text of speech here.

Hmm.. I get the impression that he’s been paying too much attention to John Lloyd, whom he references in the speech.. and Lloyd backs up the Archbishop in the article, more from Lloyd, and others, on blogs here.

Meanwhile, despite the Guardian’s relatively restrained response, the Observer blog gets it about right, “It is hard not to feel in Dr Williams’s comments a degree of bewilderment in a man confronted with limitless and unmediated choice of new media. That is a feeling with which a lot of people, old media journalists included, can easily identify.”

  • Friendly Fire

    I presume he was talking about Little Green Footballs

  • Mick

    Well yes. And it has to be said that a small miniorty of the commenters on Slugger have had their moments! Still, it’s a very broad brush to take to a wide and varied phenomenon.

  • peteb

    Well, Mick.. commenters are an entirely different topic.. 😉

  • David Vance

    Little Green Footballs is an excellent blog.

  • Mick

    [off topic]David, how did Hearts and Minds go?

  • Tom Griffin

    I can’t help being reminded of the attitude of the Archbishop’s predecessor William Laud to the rise of pamphleteering.
    Hopefully, the analogy doesn’t extend to having bloggers ears cut off.