Twins indeed

The Guardian Newsblog notes that “the blogosphere a-buzzin’” (lots of links) with the news that Microsoft “had joined forces with the Chinese government to ban words such as “democracy”, “human rights” and “freedom” from its weblog service, MSN Spaces”, to bolster other attempts by the Chinese government to stifle public debate. Of course, our own local politicians are also keen to promote the financial benefits of doing business with China (via Irish Eagle) – Belfast twins with Hefei – “We have been working hard to forge relationships with China for eight years, as there can be absolutely no doubt that China represents a massive opportunity for local businesses,” Councillor Michael Browne, chairman of the Economic and Development Sub-Committee.. Hmm.. No doubt at all.. but this Channel 4 report is another indication that there should be concern.

  • DoktorMoog

    Isn’t Bill Gates a friend of the Bono-Geldof big mouth/big heart brigade – I wonder if they’ll try to exercise their bleeding heart totalitarianism on Mr. Gates’ Microsoft. Don’t think so somehow.

  • Paul

    This article from the beginning of the year lists several other western companies who have helped the Chinese government in its attempt to suppress freedom of speech on the web.