DUP: disband IRA and accept policing…

There were some interesting developments in London yesterday, not least an obvious hardening in the DUP’s line from the comprehensive agreement they negotiated with the British and Irish governments last December. Ian Paisley: “We made clear to the Taoiseach that when he, the Southern Government, are able to say to us ‘we could share power with the IRA’, it would be time enough for the people of Northern Ireland to think of having them back in the government of Northern Ireland.”More significantly, they are now saying that policing cannot be continually put on the long finger before a second comprehensive deal:

At the same time DUP sources last night signalled a further significant departure from the agenda for last December’s failed “comprehensive agreement”. The Irish Times understands the DUP would require any party entering government to signal its prior approval for Northern Ireland’s policing dispensation and the criminal justice system there.

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